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  1. no bro, my phone is a brazilian racer (3.2mpx cam), they sell those thing here, brand new, for like 100 US$ dollars. the Blade i'm going to buy in a store here too, it becomes cheap recently, so i'm thinking in make small upgrade, get a Blade and sell my racer, but if recer boy wanna and need another racer to keep posting rooms, why not donate my racer to him! and i'm not 100% sure if i'm going to buy the zte blade, but if i buy it, 100% sure i'm going to donate my racer to Racerboy. all i ask is if he can or if ppl can, to donate-me the value of the shipping and handle for the package when i ship it.
  2. I'm buying a ZTE Blade next month, if you guys wanna and if i buy the Blade i can donate my racer to Racerboy. just lemme know if the plegdoid's wife's phone done works.
  3. any significant changelog from the 244/48 to the 251? waiting for the guide too, deadlink's kernal is awesome!
  4. not possible, the 3 way P2 jack on the racer is for: left audio OUT channel right audio OUT channel microphone IN channel
  5. well played my friend, i missed that part of the BITS! i was calculating using Bytes now its for sure that we cant expand the memory any further.
  6. actualy the chip has 32 banks of 64mb cas 3 DDR @ 400mhz, individualy linked in to the board. 64mb for each pin., as you can see in page 5 and 9 of the datasheet we have to know how many of those pins are liked to the board. the blade has 8 pins linked to the board.
  7. by the datasheet they are connected through hardmode, BGA ballbearing in the board, each pin is for a group of banks. maybe we have lucky and the X850 have the same 8 banks linked, like the Blade.
  8. i will stay with the 244 for a lil longer. baybe till next week.
  9. flashed the 244, led still have that same behave! i guess i will have to get used to it.
  10. i will try that... the issue is that my phone sleeps during 80% of the day. but i will try anyways, thank you racerboy!
  11. gotcha, that means i will have to get use to this new led behave, he he!
  12. i'm having some problems with the light flow in the rom #241 when i receive a call or a sms, the led blinks once and switch off. i like when it stays on, that way i can see if someone called or texted me even changing the entire settings on lightflow the led behave in the same way i discribed. i will wait for the 244 and see if it is fixed. thank you racerboy!
  13. GSM is working for me on the #241. and it should work for everyone, since it it built for GSM band @ Racerboy i think i find a bug: when i shut the screen off, it isent smooth like the previews rom's, it's closing roughly, and also turning back on roughly. what can it be?
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