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  1. Thanks blackcoffee85. I managed to reflash the phone using an official RUU and a gold card which I created using another phone. Guess this is similar to the trick you have suggested. It was a Orange branded phone and hence gold card did the trick.
  2. Is there a way to create a RUU from the backup which I have (from my own phone)? I have a full backup which was taken using the ROM Manager (nandroid backup) and it contains the following files : - boot.img - cache.img - data.img - nandroid.md5 - recovery.img - system.img From my understanding, this is a complete dump of my phone. Question is - how can I put all this back into the phone (which does not even boot as of now - See my other post : http://android.modaco.com/content/htc-desi...ow-to-recover/) I assume that a RUU should be able to push the new firmware into the phone. Is this correct? If so, how can we make a RUU from this backup? Thanks in advance
  3. Well, what I have is an orange packing (a black box). I couldnt find any reference to Amoled on the box. Does it imply I has a SLCD in my hand now? Isnt there any other way to check this?
  4. How can we distinguish whether our phone is with an SLCD or Amoled screen? Is it written somewhere either on the phone or its packing? Any simple way of figuring out what type of screen does our desire have?
  5. I tried upgrading my Orange FR Desire with 2.1 to 2.2 OTA. The upgrade removed the clockwork recovery program, upgraded HBOOT but finally failed to install the update correctly. The necessary files for the bootloader is not working (missing/incorrect) on the phone now. So, now I am struck with a desire in which I only have HBOOT/Fastboot access + system recovery menu. Current setting: BRAVO PVT1 SHIP S-ON HBOOT-0.93.0001 MICROP-031d TOUCH PANEL-SYNT0101 RADIO- Aug 10 2010, 17:52:18 CID: ORANG001 (Orange France Desire) Tried one of the standard RUU and it says that my current ROM version is: Current information about your android phone: Image version To image version 2.29.405.5 Proceeding further with this RUU, throws up Error [131]: Customer Id Error as expected. I do not have a gold card with me. Nor do I have a backup with me right now. I guess I had made a nandroid back up sometime ago which should be available some where. Pl. let me know if this nandroid backup can help in any way? So, can someone help me with the steps to get a working bootloader in place & make the phone boot and work as normal?
  6. Do we have a Stock Desire/Bravo ROM RUU for Orange FR? I have almost bricked my phone (no gold card, sd card formatted, phone not booting up). Want to try with a Orange FR specific RUU. OR can I get a gold card creation steps for a HTC Desire from Orange FR? (CID?) Current setting: BRAVO PVT1 SHIP S-ON HBOOT-0.93.0001 MICROP-031d TOUCH PANEL-SYNT0101 RADIO- Aug 10 2010, 17:52:18 Hboot not able to go through the bootloader cycle since the required files are missing/wrong.
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