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  1. At last its finally made it onto Kies :)
  2. FatLadZ

    Modaco ICS ROM?

    +1 more beta tester here :)
  3. FatLadZ

    Goodbye Skate

  4. FatLadZ

    [CLOSED 29-05-12]

    thanks for this my son will be over the moon :)
  5. FatLadZ

    Rooting Galazy S II

    must resist rooting mine but finding it hard lol
  6. wheres the arrogance and disrespect? I've said i didnt mean to offend anyone :rolleyes: Anyhow imho Tillaz rom is the best for the skate and thats why i said so. Not meaning to offend others. I've tried them all and they are the fastest most reliable roms for the skate.(and loudest with the eq) The fact i purchased a Samsung Galaxgy SII is because its a much better phone but the reason for that is the price! And as it happens im happy now with a torch thats almost too bright Lets just drop this as as its getting silly like a bunch of girls arguing over make up!
  7. FatLadZ

    ICS Opinions

    My times up opted for the S2 for lots of reasons and ICS being the main reason :)
  8. +2 to that and dont worry soon 3D Recording will be out on the samsung S3 but i cant see that being good value.
  9. Cool and not forgetting a better camera that works with the flash. OLED screen. Sky Go Compatible (i need sky go) Also a faster phone that is getting ICS update soon :) (Not Rooting This Phone as want sky go) My son is inheriting the Monte Carlo and loves it. (so Tillaz keep up the great work with your roms,Yours are the best ) :D At the end of the day its a value phone and is amazingly GREAT value. But i need Torch, Sky Go, OLED Screen,Faster Phone, Better Camera. Sadly orange wanted £409 for the S2 so went and got one off ebay new for £290 (320862095553)
  10. well decided that this is never ever going to be on the monte carlo so ive gone for a Galaxy S2 much better camera and a much faster phone all round :)
  11. FatLadZ

    [ROM] [ AtomicMod ] [UPDATED 22/06/12]

    tempted to buy an 2x just to try this mod :)
  12. FatLadZ

    Back cover for the ZTE Skate

    T CUT BRASSO METAL POLISH CIF YOULL FIND ANY ABRASIVE creme will work better than a sugar cube! and be alot faster
  13. you mustve wiped tour micro sd!!!!! try rebooting

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