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  1. WTF ?? how many apps you have installed ?? i´ve used 270 mb, 1500 free ...
  2. here is pre-build Partitons File & Quick Guide in my MediaFireShareFolder : -> System : 0.50 GB Cache : 1,0 GB Recovery : 50 MB Data : 1.75 GB http://www.mediafire...kzno9z45so5sj,1
  3. This thread is a collection of the newest versions of system apps and other useful stuff. Please feel free to continue and upload newer versions if you get hold of any, i will include them in first post then ! This thread is all about sharing !! Most files are flashable zip´s for recovery, they will install to system/app (and possibly overwrite old versions, i´ll keep standard name) I test everything before i post here, but there´s no guarantee it will also work for you, don´t blame me ... ;) Apps like Gmail, Youtube, Maps are not included, just get them from market. Index : (updated : 02.11.2011) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I tried to include everything useful (Basebands, Smartflash, NVFlash, Recovery, my Themes, Wallpapers, ...)
  4. sorry, not that i know ... it´s not possible through recovery (at least at the moment) ...
  5. fine, working great ! only system partition didn´t change for me, but i set same value as for cache ... strange... after NVFlash, i directly restored CM backup. included cwm- recovery in NVFlash, worked like a charm. no need for SuperOneClick, just restored backup, baseband 0823 was keeped ! thanks for sharing.
  6. i´ve just invited all people who sent me pm´s ...
  7. invitations are open again, so be fast and pm me your email, i´ll invite you (gmail needed !)
  8. all who are not in yet, have a look at this http://www.chip.de/downloads/Google-RegHelper_50182300.html
  9. 75markus


    shared a new post @ g+ with all members who sent me pm´s, you can try to login again. don´t be disappointed if it´s not working, i´ll keep on trying the next time :)
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