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  1. I might have fixed it... Thanks to adb shell and parted...
  2. You mean reflash? Yes a number of times.
  3. For some reason, my phone has started behaving very strangely. I started having some strange problems with the phone, it was really slow to finish booting and recognising the applications on my sdcard. Then it just didn't recognise them at all. Now, if the partition type of the sdcard is set to logical it will boot but cycles and I cannot get into recovery. If it's set to primary, I can get into recovery but the phone won't boot up at all. I just get the white HTC screen. I have two sd cards and they are doing exactly the same thing. Any ideas?
  4. Really like this rom. Gmote doesn't work and Firefox locked up the Vega so I removed both. Everything else works fine. It looks superb as well... Well done.
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