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  1. How do you install this???? need a little more then that.
  2. Hi guys, could I get a little help? Iv done the following: And the problem is indeed fixed (thanks alexzhou! :) ) Id like to instal ICS, but just having a little trouble understanding how to do the following Where do I get 'recovery' from? ETA:Ok forund the Recover pack here: But how on earth do you use it???? the instruction are not exactly noob friendly???? and I just get "adb is not recognized as internal or external command on windows " in my CMD prompt? please help.
  3. Was looking at the Blackberry, but the screens not much bigger then my Samsung Galaxy note :( and 5 month is a hell of a wait too Thanks, think I will keep away from the Chinese imports then. So that leave me with a long wait without a tablet then! :(
  4. Hey guys, when I finally decided to get a tab I really liked Advent Vega with its sub £200 price point, big screen size, good CPU and community driven ROMS. But just as I went to buy one the other week, seems its been discontinued in all there shops! dont really want to get a second hand unit, so was wondering if ebay was the only option, or is there was anything close it the Vega out at the moment?
  5. Since the Advent vaga is no longer available, are there any interesting sub £200 tablets on par with the Vaga?
  6. Since the Advent vaga is no longer available, are there any interesting sub £200 tablets due out anytime soon?
  7. Sorry saw this add from dixons saying its £199, but they dont have it in stock. http://www.dixons.co.uk/gbuk/advent_vega-1128-commercial.html
  8. Need to get a tablet for the mrs, and thought Id get her a advent vega and slap a custom ROM on it.....was more then a little surprised that its still £199 after being on the market over a year! How dose it stack up Vs new tablets in the same price range like the ARCHOS 80 G9 and BLACKBERRY PlayBook
  9. I got a Note last month and eery couple of days logged on her to look if the section had been added........im V surprised there is Still no section for this ground braking bit of kit!
  10. Hi I was wondering if I can download widgets for my phone as the ones loaded on are useless, like AP mobile news feed showing me american news not english!
  11. Looking for who has the best deal son the Samsung Galaxy Note (excusing Vodafone). Sorry if this was the wrong place to post, but couldn't find a Samsung Galaxy Note board.
  12. Is there any other Android phone due out with a screen to compete with the galaxy notes 5.4 inch? Kind of like the idea of having a phone I can use as a ebook reader for long after its served its use (contract) as a phone.
  13. For the price its hard to go wrong, but I found the case a bit to plastic (same with SamG2), and the clunky buttons a bit of an off put......a company to watch though! Thank I may hold out for the Samsung Galaxy note, like the idea of a small tab/phone combo as I have fat finger and poor eyesight!
  14. Seems to be a real shortage of new handsets since the HTC sensation, Samsung Galaxy S II, Ipone4 flourish? With the "coming soon" phones here in the UK appearing to just be the same phones with larger screens or gimmicks like 3D or Beatsaudio added...... Samsung Galaxy Note, Sensation XE, EVO 3D, Titan and so on.. is there anything coming out in the next month or so that can really justify putting off getting something like a Sensation that after all has been out since May?????
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