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  1. I've had the same issues with Google play music app ,even with the new nightly it still reboots. But there is a work round Google play can be accessed through chrome so i can play music yaaaaa :D
  2. I used the the one made by KonstaT off the blade forum its small and works on this rom https://hotfile.com/dl/247142430/570fd87/gapps-jb43-20130924-KonstaKANG.zip.html
  3. Rojar'ish

    Please help me!!!

    Right :( it could be the sd card some don't play nice when using tpt if you have a another one you could put the image file on there and try running it again...
  4. Rojar'ish

    Please help me!!!

    You need to press power+volume up+menu all at the same as you boot up the phone.... :)
  5. Rojar'ish

    Getting Google Music (here's what I did)

    I found a fool proof way of getting google music here in the uk by using tor to sign up for google music with my existing account just go here Google Music from anywhere and follow the info it takes 5 minutes to setup did my account and 5 others for mates in a few keystrokes have fun......................:D P.s Turn your phone off, so you are not signin to google outside the US when signing up for music. Google Music app is here: GoogleMusic 4.1.511
  6. No trouble glad to help.............:rolleyes:
  7. I use this HTC ENCODER to encode films for the blade, it will let you play them on the native player in android hope this help's :D P.S it run's from a single folder as well so no need to install......
  8. The first 1 is the 1 to go with you need to put clockwork & RecoveryManager at the root of the sd and the zipfile with the rom of choice and follow the steps in the video guide and thats it :D P.S check if your sf is Gen1 or Gen 2 first mind https://market.android.com/details?id=com.apedroid.pigfish

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