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  1. I love my GTab 10.1v... I want a Modaco ROM on that, but I think i would never get that goodie :(
  2. Battery drain is a big problem on my 2x. got the special bb 2206 for gb. Before that i got the 606 and 2.2.2 and my batterylife was really good, at least one and a half day. with gb the battery is empty within four hours and i cant join the batteryhistory becauze of fc... any help for me???
  3. The Stock Kernel with FR19b2 rocks. It's all very smooth and everything seems to be fine. Even Gmail is syncing again ;) I think it is okay til now, i hope that some more performancechanges and batterysavings will come. Thanks Paul for your very good work, i'm looking forward to install more mcr! I hope you will not forget the LGOS-Community :P
  4. If you want a GB-Phone then get it. In the specs from LG to the 2x stands Android 2.2.2., you bought it and you got it. What is your freakin' problem? Everytime I see your replies i read something about Gingerbread, you are very upset about it. But you still bought a Froyophone, so don't get lost in aggressiveness. Everyone wants Gingerbread, thats for sure. Get CM7 if you want it. Or wait for LG's Update. I got a Motorola Milestone (Droid in US) before my LG2x and that was horrible with updates. There is no consistence for Android-Updates, each manufacturer got his own tactics about that. If you want to better up your phone then mod it. Or buy an iPhone and your problems with update-politics are gone forever (but you don't got have the option to mod your phone like you want it). Sorry pal, but that must be said...
  5. Good things? Let us know a little bit about your nice work Paul! Are you talking about Gingerbread or something like that? I can't wait :P
  6. Hey Paul, found a bug in FR18b2. The sync goes often away at gmail. Then I have to manually sync it in the app. It would be very nice if you could recognize it! Thanks.
  7. Wiping don'T work for me @FR18, tried dalvik and cachepartition wipe. Fullwiping shouldn't be an option...
  8. FR18 freezes during statusbar dropdown, again and again... Thought that would might be the Sense HD Theme but I was wrong. With SPB Shell 3D it freezes too
  9. For me the battery fix won't work. I don't know why, i flashed the newest FR16 last evening. At morning I plugged the charger out and I got only 55% left. I turned BT on for about half an hour and switched it off, did some phonecalls (20min) and reflashed it then with dalvik- and cachewipe. Should I flash it with fullwipe? My dialer is a little bit reduced but not really much.
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