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  1. Hi all I don't want to start any long running discussion on this but. I know z4root shows up as a virus/malware with AV. Everyone says it is not a virus. OK I believe you..... But. Last night I installed this, rooted my phone, everything went fine. This afternoon I get a message left on my voice mail from some woman saying she was phoning about the text message I had left on her phone. I had not sent this woman a text message, I know this because there is no evidence of the message in my phone. Is there something going on here, has anyone else had this? Thanks Yogiman!
  2. Yogiman!

    LG GT 540 + Z4Root Help

    Solved this one myself. Q1. Temporary Root = Root a phone which can not be permanently rooted and clears root after a reset. Permanent roots the phone and root is not removed after reset. Q1. Un-Root will un-root the phone regardless. Nothing is permanent. Unless of course you root your phone and then it goes wrong in such a way that you are unable to un-root it....... Oh well nothing is perfect right ;-)
  3. Yogiman!

    LG GT 540 + Z4Root Help

    Hi Can anyone give me a definitive answer to this? I have downloaded z4root and when I run it I get two choices:- 1. Temporary Root 2. Permanently Root Q1. What is the difference between the two options? Q2. If I permanently Root the phone and I then un-root the phone or can un-root only work if I use the temporary option. Sorry if this has been asked before, but I have read various posts and don't quite understand. Thanks in advance for any help with this. Regards Yogiman!
  4. Yogiman!

    More Questions Than I Could Shake A Stick At :)

    Cool I will check it out and post back! Thanks a million! yogiman!
  5. Yogiman!

    More Questions Than I Could Shake A Stick At :)

    Thanks Zeb nice tip, thank you for the post much appreciated :mellow: Yogiman!
  6. Yogiman!

    More Questions Than I Could Shake A Stick At :)

    Excellent, thank you both for your help! I think I will become one of the converted.... or is that flashed! Cheers again, I really appreciate your help! Yogiman!
  7. Yogiman!

    More Questions Than I Could Shake A Stick At :)

    Thanks for the reply this seems to answer most of my puzzles but I am slightly confused on one point you say that the accelerometer is fixed in Corvus 5 and CM7 does this mean R8 doesn't work with the accelerometer and that Corvus 5 and CM7 do and does that mean I would have to swap and change ROM images? Sorry rather newbie question! :mellow:
  8. Hi Folks Firstly let me apologies for my ignorance, I have spent a long time over the last week back and forth to this site and trying to understand all about the Advent Vega. However before I go and spend 200 quid I hope you kind people may be able to dampen some of my fears! 1). When installing the R8 rom are there things that don't work which should in terms of the hardware? 2). Once upgraded to this rom are there problems running any Android apps, obviously I understand that this is not Android 3 so what version of Android is it and if for example it is 2.3 then are all apps meant for 2.3 and below ok? (not sure if that really makes sense). 3). Does Adobe Flash 10.2 work 100% 4). Can I use the BBC iplayer App? 5). Is it likely that this tablet will be able to run Android 3.0 and is it likely that this would be a MoDaCo port or an official port by Advent? 6). Does anyone have an Advent Dock? If so are they worth the £30? And finally thank you in advance for any help you can offer me on these questions I know you all have better things to do :mellow: Regards Yogiman!

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