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  1. Another bug: music app is down too... i tried with other one but i had the same result. ----Y300 rom in a G510-----
  2. Ask to someones who has one, i´m from spain and i can´t help you on that: in my case i renamed the folders: /cust/hw/en of B173(general version) to /cust/yoigo/es, and factory reset. And i´m sorry if you don´t understand me, but i do as i can. :huh:
  3. Try to get the stock "cust" folder and overwrite the b173 one. or the way what works for me: just rename the "hw" forder to "vodafone" (inside "cust" folder) or whatever it name is in your stock rom.
  4. You need to rename inside the cust folder like origin the hw folder: Vodafone, and do a factory reset.
  5. Try a old version of viber, i cant remember which. In line is 3.4.2 (last chrismas edition) that get work the micro.
  6. I just say that i really dont know, because only i have the videos in the phone and i cant see the real resolution (or i dont know how...)
  7. I am using LG Camera. I have in options 720 to choice and it works, at least in 850×480, because the video format change, now is 16:9.
  8. That´s the right way. All that you need is to unlock the bootloader.
  9. Anyway there are users who have used the 0200 China Update, 0010, and have had no more problems than not being able to use google apps and can upgrade back to international, both easily repairable. In fact, in this forum, there is a user who has upgraded from a Y300, and first we had for recoverys for G510 were for the Y300. I mean, I understand you have to be cautious, but for now the experience is that there are not many problems, and yes many compatibilities. Without wishing to convince anyone, just to inform. A greeting. (Late...)
  10. I think that the best way to take is asking here: [email protected] , about if you can upgrade to http://www.huaweidevice.com/worldwide/downloadCenter.do?method=toDownloadFile&flay=software&softid=NDcxNDM= (they just say G510, without any differece)
  11. With Quadrant Standard, my system information is: - OS version: 3.4.0-perf-gf909b34-00173-g4071c6e - Board: U8951-1 - CPU name: ARMv7 Processor rev 1 (v7l) - Arquitecture: 7 - Hardware: MSM8x25 U8951 BOARD
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