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  1. Hey guys I just wanted to let you all know that thanks to Unrevoked and Alpharev, Revolutionary have S-OFF'd and rooted the Official 2.3 RUU. Go here.. www.revolutionary.io and follow the steps. when you select hboot version (unless its updated) just select .93 Hboot and they will give you a beta key and it all be done in less then 5 mins. I garuntee it works and I am now using Oxygen 2.2.1 Thanks Revolutionary Team Great work
  2. Psycho693


    is there Anyway to downgrade the 1.02.0001 hboot?
  3. Ok i tried that and its still bad which is weird because its based off of the stock 3.26 right?
  4. Ok well maybe I should try it again and do I need to wipe dalvik? Because I've read some roms tell you not too so I dont lol
  5. Hello I am having battery problems with this ROM, when I installed the ROM I had 65% and after an hour and a half I went down to 25% not really using it any ideas why because just using the stock gingerbread leak I could last pretty close to 8 hours on 65% thanks ahead if time
  6. Have you tried reindtalling the os?
  7. Thank you for that! Now I'm in canada what should I install or does it matter
  8. Hey everyone, I know on some other devices that you can tell if you have a GEN1 or GEN2 device. But on the s120 how do you tell?
  9. Ah ok thank.you for explaing that and.not laughing at me lol
  10. Hey this may be a dumb question but can't we just take the kernel from acers update.zip file and edit it that way? I'm a nub lol
  11. I am a metal user and know a few things of being a dev but not a whole lot lol
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