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    Problem with Grand X Whistle

    Remove all phone drivers. Then install pdanet on comp and phone. The included drivers will allow you to install custom stuff.
  2. Sorted now. I used PDAnet drivers and rooted straight away.
  3. Decided to try the russian b05 update today after having probs with v3. I lost root and cannot get it back using the usual method. Has anyone had success rooting b05? EDIT: USB debugging is not available in settings developer options. I can only use "connect to pc software" but my blade does show in device manager as adb device.
  4. Flashed v3. Touch screen is much more responsive now. Thank you for your work.
  5. Sorted. Erased sdcard in settings then unmounted in settings. Booted to cwm then formatted sdcard. Next job flash v3 rom. Is it stable? Does it improved touch screen?
  6. Hello. I bought a grand x yesterday and have sucessfully rooted and installed CWM using guides from this forum. The problem I have is I cannot mount the sdcard from recovery to install roms/zips. The sdcard works fine from ICS. Any ideas? TIA David
  7. These guys are spending time and effort to make a working rom good enough for daily use and your worried how it looks for the first few seconds when switching on? What do you do all day, reboot your phone?
  8. WiFi and 3g Icons don't work for me (greyed out).
  9. After running Moldovan for a few weeks I decided to try ICS alpha5 fix. Afterchanging the partition sizes to accomodate this it installed fine, but I didn't like the rom so decide to go back MMHMP. I used the TPT method to quickly repartition and install the ROM. It has installed fine, but when market trys to reinstall my apps it says there is not enough space. Application settings says internal storage 59mb used, 257mb free. Could someone explain to me why the apps won't install, and perhaps a solution? TIA
  10. purpse

    Iplayer is back up

    Also interesting: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-16144444
  11. purpse

    Iplayer is back up

    Gen2 2.3.5 for me. Wifes on 2.3.4. All work fine. Remember you cannot install via market.
  12. Try searching for: bbc.iplayer.android-signed.apk
  13. purpse

    ICS AOSP user discussion

    Excuse me sir, this was not a negative comment, it was a question, so pull yourself out of your arse and less of the "people like you"!
  14. purpse

    ICS AOSP user discussion

    This may be a daft question, but what is the point of ICS on the blade? There are some very good roms already. What will ICS bring that isn't there already apart from plenty of bugs? Is it just a case of " we are doing it because we can"?

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