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  1. The new recovery make use of the four navigation keys instead of the three physical buttons. Home - up Menu - down Search - select Back - back
  2. I really appreciate all the developers' work to make our Liquid Metal better, every work is very precious. Everyone of you guys are contributing your power WITHOUT ASKING FOR ANY RETURNS, you guys are showing all of us miracles again and again. I'm using Lens' CM7 build with TechnoLover's kernel and I'm really happy with my phone now. Both the works of you two are really helpful to us, thanks a lot. I'm really impressed by the community power though there's not much things that I can contribute. I just want to calm you two down, hope to see the day that developers in this community could cooperate together to make this community even better.
  3. Excuse me, why was MTControl app not included in 1.4 and 1.4a?
  4. Thanks, would definitely try it out later.
  5. Excuse me, how can I use a2sdext with CM7? I'm using CM7.24 built by davide and flashed your kernel 1.3a. I've an ext2 partition already, the problem is that do I need to install Darktremor's script myself?
  6. What a shocking news :lol: Thanks all the devs for working so hard without asking for any pay.
  7. Are you using the built-in CM version ADW? In my opinion, it should not be an issue related to this project. Maybe you could try out other launchers available on the market. You are using an android phone, not an iPhone.
  8. Lockscreen gestures not working ;/ CM setting got force close when attempting to add gesture Although it's just a minor problem, could you please have a look at this? Thanks, wish you all the best
  9. You have to set it properly under settings/CM settings/interface/notification power widget/widget buttons/sound modes You could also add/remove buttons here and rearrange them under settings/CM settings/interface/notification power widget/widget button order
  10. What a great news, thank you so much!
  11. Order than SIM card recognition and bluetooth media issues reported, lock screen gesture is not working for me. Excuse me that I would like to ask if the CM camera worked? Why would it be replaced by the MIUI one? In general, it is already extremely stable and enough for daily use. It's really a great work!
  12. Thanks for the hard works of all the devs to bring CM7 to us! It's so fantastic that I feel like I have bought a new phone.
  13. Thanks for your answering, and also thank you so much for the great effort you and davidevinavil have done.
  14. Excuse me that have anyone ever tried the Darktremor Apps2SD?
  15. Thanks for all the developers' precious work I would definitely help to test as soon as I am free from the school works
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