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  1. Posting this here as I can add a credit card (mastercard) fine in Google Wallet on the Nexus 7, but it continually fails on the GNex. The card has been added via my Wallet Account (not the app), when I open the app for the first time on the GNex (i.e afer clearing data) I have the option to add it. The app just seems to hang at "adding" then eventually fails. This occurs on both 3G and WIFI and multiple attempts since last Thursday have been made - all fail the same. Using JR9 with the patched wallet option checked. No un-install of existing wallet app (which was stock from JR8(?)) before flashing JR9. Trying to add a Mastercard. Network is o2 UK (if that makes a difference) running stock kernel Cheers!
  2. Cheers Paul - the update was never actually attempted (just hung @ rebooting) but the notification has gone after a reboot so appears to have worked!
  3. Just installed JR10 and getting a 4.2 upgrade nag - is there a way to get rid of it at all? (tried renaming the otacerts.zip file but that hasn't removed it) - any thoughts? TIA!
  4. I've probably done something wierd (shock).... But android keyboard is constantly FC'ing and Chrome doesn't want to load either (errors stating critical functionality is missing). Came from JR7, no data wipe but clear of cache/dalvik.
  5. The natwest app works fine on rooted devices if you bank with them.... (although Jellybean appears to have broken it!)
  6. That'd do the job - gogo overcomplicating things..... </fail>
  7. Bit of a random query, hopefully some clever guys can assist... I seem to recall a tweet from Paul mentioning that Tasker has gained push notification support... Would it be possible to make the N7 automatically mute/unmute based on a notification from my mobile (Galaxy Nexus) when the two devices are close to each other. (Either connected to the same wireless network or based on GPS location) Basically, the notification tone on both devices goes off at home and I'd like to have the N7 auto-mute if possible. (A quick shortcut to un-mute via a notification from phone would also be cool - I guess if the first part is possible so is the second!) Is anyone aware whether this is possible, either via tasker or another app? Thanks In advance!
  8. Cheers - just the info I was after thank you! The first backup seemed small compared to older versions of CWM (I know the process has been changed etc but the small initial backup is what threw me)
  9. Yup saw that, I'd still expect the first backup to be a large one with any subsequent being small(er) - wasn't seeing that in the folder sizes. A restore seemed to work ok (no full wipe) so I'll assume for now that everything is working as it should given the factory restore method is easy as pie if things do go south!
  10. Anyone able to confirm their backup sizes please? They seem tiny compared to older versions of CWM (i.e previous backups would be >1gb) and now, after 3 or 4 backups (so a number of blobs etc) the total CWM folder size is only just over 1gb. (System/Data files are <1mb each etc) Just a little worried I've missed something and these backups are actually trash! Cheers
  11. Looks good - are you forcing tablet UI as well or is that for another day/another change
  12. Rather than using this method, would it be better to use the code based alternation as detailed http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1780970? Seems a bit more elegant and means there's no need to mess around with DPI etc?
  13. Not 100% sure if this is ROM related, but noticing the radio appears to "crash" intermittently - the phone drops to no service and then re-connects. Has anyone else seen this at all? Not sure if its related to the UV settings I have - backing them off seemed to help but this could be purely anecdotal! (Running pre ir8 with UV (only) kernel)
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