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  1. Is it possible to get the LauncherPro launcherr but meanwhile keep the appdrawer from the standard launcher included? I think its much more nice with the standard appdrawer reflections at top and bottom.
  2. Tried that already :/ I've flashed the CM7 but guess it also uses EXT4? Is NVFLash only way to go now? :o
  3. Im also having some kind of this problem. In the morning i installed CM7 but cuz of nightly build and all those things i decided to go back to my old stock rom. Before installing the CM7 i made a nandroid backup but I cant restore it? Im stucking att the LG logo with loadingbar under. have tried to restore each piece at a time and flashing the ext3 thing but nothing helps? Do i need to do a NVFlash?
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