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  1. That's great thanks, I'll get it installed and keep my father happy :)
  2. Is it ok to hate you just a little for being less than half my age and being intelligent enough to build ROMs while going through exams etc.? :P :P :P I installed this ROM on my old G300 and gave it to my father this week, and it's fantastic. It's doing everything he needs a phone for, and is much faster than the stock ROM. Only problem I'm having is using widgets. Are they available? On every other ROM I've used, you find them by going into the app drawer and then going to widgets, but there's no sign of them here. Am I missing something?
  3. I know this is a long shot, but my phone crashed a few weeks back and I had to install a new ROM. I don't remember wiping the system or data partitions, so I'm hoping to get lucky. I use Backup to Gmail, but for some reason it wasn't backing up. Is there any way to recover my lost messages? There's one important SMS there, but I wouldn't mind getting the others back too, if possible. Thanks for any help :)
  4. Well, this is typical. Just after posting this I found a new ROM, V100R001C02B961, which seems to be a stock ROM. I've just rebooted the phone and it's launched as it should! :blink: I'm going to try recovery now, just to confirm, but I think I've managed to get it sorted! :D
  5. Sorry to post another thread on this, but I've tried the various guides and been searching for the last few days and haven't got anywhere :( I've followed the steps in the guide here: http://www.modaco.com/topic/362681-guide-how-to-unbrick-the-g300/ and tried flashing various recoveries and update.app files including middle files but none of them have worked. I was trying to flash my phone back to stock to unlock the SIM, and I'm guessing I've missed a step somewhere. I've posted in the guide thread, but haven't had an answer yet, probably because of the amount of posts before mine. These are the two relevant posts for my issue: I've got a full backup taken from the phone just before I tried downgrading, but with out recovery access, I can't restore it. I've got Fastboot access though, and the backup on the PC. If anyone could help me with this, I'd be very grateful :)
  6. Thanks for replying :) Yeah, I've tried that, as well as several other roms, stock and CM. I've tried switching recovery versions, including stock, and I've tried a few middle files. The current problems are: I can't boot to recovery, it gives the Huawei logo and lights up the keys after a few seconds, but no matter how long I wait, that's as far as it goes. Normal boot stops on the Huawei logo. Any forced update (both volume keys) shows just the progress bar on the screen, and it fills to between one third and half way with pink, with no obvious pattern. Holding the down volume key stops at the Huawei logo and lets me flash recoveries etc. but it still doesn't make a difference when I try to boot the phone again. I've got a feeling that I've messed up the filesystem somewhere along the line, and think it's the /system folder. I took a backup through CWM before starting, but the /system section under advanced restore won't restore. I've got two logs from failed update attempts, but I can't make much sense out of them. I've copied sections of them below. The rest of the file is the same, so I won't clog up the thread. filename = /mmc1/dload/update.app call RCV_MODULE_END_EVENT failed,module = OEMSBL_VER_LIST index 5 not same--old:00,new:40 index 8 not same--old:00,new:02 index 13 not same--old:00,new:08 index 14 not same--old:00,new:10 This continues until: new partition same as old. Then the following repeats for a while: QCSBLHD_CFGDATA fail. OEMSBL_VER_LIST,is_rx_finish=0,is_operate_succ=1,current_operate=2 call first dload_machine failed,module = QCSBLHD_CFGDATA Until this which, looking at the log, I think carries over to another attempt, but I'm not sure OEMSBL_VER_LIST,is_rx_finish=0,is_operate_succ=1,current_operate=2 call dload_machine data process failed,module = QCSBLHD_CFGDATA CMD=0xf,moduleaddr = 0xf0000000, len_tmp=0x2524 dload_sd_ram_data_proc->(retry >= DLOAD_RETRY) failed! filename = /mmc1/dload/update.app call RCV_MODULE_END_EVENT failed,module = OEMSBL_VER_LIST OEMSBL_VER fail. OEMSBL_VER_LIST,is_rx_finish=0,is_operate_succ=1,current_operate=2 call dload_machine data process failed,module = OEMSBL_VER OEMSBL_VER fail. With this at the end: OEMSBL_VER_LIST,is_rx_finish=0,is_operate_succ=1,current_operate=2 call dload_machine data process failed,module = OEMSBL_VER CMD=0xf,moduleaddr = 0xe9000000, len_tmp=0x19 dload_sd_ram_data_proc->(retry >= DLOAD_RETRY) failed! If it helps, my wife has the same phone running stock and rooted, so if there's a way to copy files from her phone to mine, I've got a working source and programs that allow me to access the Linux filesystem on a working phone through the PC. Thanks for any help :)
  7. Does anyone have a copy of this file? the site seems to be down at the moment, and my phone's having the same problems as the OP :(
  8. That's great, thanks Dalyer :) I've already bought a code, but because of Xmas, it's been sat in my inbox waiting for me to pull my finger out and get this done :D
  9. The links in the first post aren't working, they're redirecting to http://www.camdenx.com/under-construction/ Does anyone have any working links, or another guide please? I need to install the stock ROM to unlock the SIM. Thanks :)
  10. Thanks Jamie, but I ordered the unlock codes last night (one each for me and the wife). Ordered them while the back up was running, but half an hour later we had a power cut, so the backup didn't complete. Got the fun job of trying to backup again tonight :angry2:
  11. Thanks Dalyer :) I was hoping to avoid it, but it doesn't look possible :( Backing everything up now ready to sort it tomorrow. On the plus side, I'll have unlimited internet in time for Xmas :D
  12. Basically, is there any way to do it? I've just got my phone set up as I want it, and don't want to have to go through setting everything up to my liking again just to unlock it. If there's no way, can I create an image of my phone as is, then restore it once I've unlocked? I'm going from Vodafone to Virgin, if that makes any difference :)
  13. Thanks guys :) Just checked, and Lost & Found is empty. I'm running the Gmail app, but I think it was from a .zip that came with the update, I can't remember though.
  14. Last month I accidentally updated my phone to CM10.2-20131112-NIGHTLY-u8815, and since then I've been having two problems. The main one is that emails to my main Gmail account are taking several hours to arrive on my phone. I had one last week that took about twenty hours. I know it's a problem with my phone, as I've got the email downloading through Thunderbird on my PC too (and leaving a copy on the server). This is how I've always had my email set up. As far as I can tell, everything on my phone is set up correctly. The other problem is I run out of space on my phone very quickly since the update. I installed about half of the apps that were on the phone itself beforehand, and had a low space warning. I know I can move apps to the SD card, but want to make sure that this is normal with this build, and not related to the first problem. Any help would be appreciated :)
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