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    Wonder if there will be a free mattress with the Pro, or a free Pro with a Mattress…………….. It all seemed an unlikely project from the start.
  2. winnipeg


    Looked at the Archos G9 8o ? You alone know what to do................. B)
  3. Really you more or less answered your own question. Plus is a laggy device that you can’t type on fit for “any” purpose in 2011. If it was something I had purchased I would be asking for a refund. It seemed unlikely to be OK from day one. Tier one or tier two manufactures have many good products waiting for you that work. Why pay half or two thirds for that feeling of if only it would…………. Work properly. I doubt the company owner is driving a car that works some of the time.;) Good luck.
  4. Other possibilities If you can spend more money take it back, explain about thescreen and ask to trade up to a Transformer Ipad or whatever – sometimes thestore is happy as they get more money. If you install multi-touch visualizer and find that thescreen has the touch points jumping about all over when connected to the powersupply and fully charged (Widely discussed in this forum) you have two reasonsto take it back. Usually I have found if you are reasonable and realistic DSG/ Currys will help you. If you want to return it or change just ask them, That way you have the answer - Direct. ;)
  5. http://www.myadventvega.co.uk/
  6. Don’t know if this is of use: https://patchwork.kernel.org/patch/972832/ Sorry for post in this thread. Thank you.
  7. This works for me with 1.10 stock, added via >Settings >software tool > software update http://forum.xda-dev...ad.php?t=931337 Hope this helps.
  8. I agree. Try to find a Tab / Dock / Case, that matches your expectations.
  9. I got the dock – I really like it, very useful. The design is excellent. It’s been very handy and used every day. The alignment aid is for the connector is great. The Mk 2 case is OK to. I feel DSG have a good value product and well thought out accessories.
  10. This forum has saved money for me time after time. Sometimes I think – upgrade from the Vega (which has its own quirks / problems) To the Transformer or some other tab. I just read the stuff on here and I am OK again for weeks – Thanks. :D My kids say Facebook is easy to join - maybe Go for it. Good luck.
  11. Maybe £4.01 / day. Depends on it. :P
  12. Found this and others via internet search http://android.modac...vega-internals/ Maybe of use..............
  13. It may depend on the battery level as to how "bad" the problem is. On my Vega when the battery is lower than 100% the problem is not easy to see even with Multi Touch Visualiser. Also diffrent areas of the screen are more badly affected than others. There may also be an effect related to the relitive position of the charge cable. At 100% charge it easy to see the problem. When the battery is charging (less than 100%) it seems to smooth out some of what I think is RF interference from the PSU which I expect is "switch mode" with little if any filtering. Maybe of no help but just my thoughts.
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