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  1. na i guess the threads dead, ive still got the problem ended up buying another one
  2. how are you going ladies n gents, ive got a ripper problem. i have the aussie version of the racer, i had it flashed with mooncakes build, unfortunalty i lent the phone to a friend of mine and he thought it was a blade, and tried to upgrade it from t1 to t2. the phones dead, no clockwork, no green andriod nothing just turns on the light flashes red and a vibrate every 5 seconds. i can get my lappy to detect the phone. so im wondering if theres a way to flash it via usb. cheers for any help you guys can provide **edit** just tried that reset phone.rar it completed successfully but still no loader or green andriod. Hoof
  3. :mellow: forgive me, is there any chance your clockwork will support the aussie racer, i maybe a little slow and it already does. but no matter how hard i try recovery-clockwork- is the only one that loads for me and the buttons dont work, 1/2 the screens missing. its driving me crazy i need to get rid of the telstra bloatware =) model - T3020 Firmware version: 2.1-update1 Baseband version: T3020 T01 Kernel version: 2.6.29 [email protected] Build No: T3020 T03 if you need a phone dump ill send one asap
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