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  1. Ok so I have an unlocked bootloader and so I wanted to install a new rom. The first thing I installed was [Gobstopper] Bell GB 2.3.4 Updated 9-08-2011 - xda-developers and everything went fine except everything was backwards. The home key was the back key etc. So I tired to install the beta of Cyanogen and now I am stuck at the dual core screen. I am now getting the message from cwm that my sd card can not be mounted i was going to go back the rom above for the time being but i can't even do that. Any help much appreciated.
  2. I tried to go to recovery but it doesn't seem to work. It just hangs for hours and hours and even up to 36 hours then I do a battery pull and the samething happens all over again. It seems that somehow the data on the actual phone is corrupt.
  3. So I went to android.madaco and used their online kitchen to download a custom rom for my desire z. I have also done this for my nexus s and it worked great. However when I installed the rom on my desire z it froze for 2 days. I finally pulled the battery and now it won't boot. When I first turn it on I get the white HTC screen forever. So I pull the battery and turn it on again while holding the volume down button. I have tried both factory reset and recovery. When I hit either of these it takes me to a clockworkmod recovery v3.0.2.4 screen. I get several choices here. Apply update from sd card, wipe data/factory reset, wipe cache partition, install zip from sd card, backup and restore, mounts and storage, advanced and power off. So I tried to install zip from sd card and it does nothing at all it just shows me the clockworkmod symbol and freezes forever. I also pulled the sd card and formatted it and put only the rom on it and it does nothing any different.
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