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  1. thirtytwodave

    Need help to install and extract Kinek App

    Double post not sure why please delete Glad it worked
  2. thirtytwodave

    Need help to install and extract Kinek App

    Glad it worked
  3. thirtytwodave

    Need help to install and extract Kinek App

    where do i get it ok i got it but it was available for my Liquid E. i downloaded it for my i727r Kinek_v1.0.2.zip
  4. thirtytwodave

    [Rom]MIUI ports by iKrautDroid -Current: 2.3.16-

    I don't have my Liquid E anymore (have i727r now), but i gave it to my exwife and she loves it" best rom" yet she says so i am writing this to say thanks and great job .
  5. thirtytwodave

    stuck on acer screen.

    Ya i had that problem too did you try wiping everything in recovery its been a little while
  6. thirtytwodave

    LiquidNext Parts

    since its free i don't think i will get into trouble here it is just unzip it LiquidNextParts_2.2.7.zip
  7. thirtytwodave

    stuck on acer screen.

    Thats ok that bin is stock no Rogers crap etc i would reflash MIUI and wait at least ten minutes also if it does stay stuck at the boot screen try pulling the battery boot into recovery and and clearing the dalvik cache
  8. thirtytwodave

    stuck on acer screen.

    what does it say under baseband? If you want some advice,This is from my experience i would flash a bin file using the Acer Download Tool found in this forum i would recommend flashing "4.002.14.EMEA.GEN1_A22F_A" as i found it has the best battery (my opinion) IF IT STOPS RESPONDING DO NOT PULL THE BATTERY !!! disconnect the usb cable then connect can take a little while, Once booted up then install malez recovery. When your done that put the miui zip on sd card and flash. When i installed MIUI the phone rebooted a few times then after a few minutes the phone will start up. I really miss MIUI as i now have a SGS2 lte and its still in Alpha
  9. thirtytwodave

    stuck on acer screen.

    when you flashed MIUI how long did you wait. Also if you connect Acer Download Tool does it show connected
  10. thirtytwodave

    A little bit of your time. Please :)

    can you get it into recovery or boot loader
  11. thirtytwodave


    Thanks and the Same to you
  12. thirtytwodave

    [1.12.30]MIUI -Lens_flare ED

    well the charge and message LED work ok for me haven't had a missed call to see if its working
  13. thirtytwodave

    [1.12.30]MIUI -Lens_flare ED

    Thanks Lens checking it out now
  14. thirtytwodave

    Custom ROM Acer C6 liquid express E320

    i would leave it for now as i don't think their are any custom roms for that phone yet as it was just released in Nov. . This is for the liquid A1/E S100 not E320 which from what i am able to find out is closer to the Metal then then the A1 P.S. I just tried looking for you and i couldn't find anything on here or XDA
  15. thirtytwodave

    [ROM] MIUI - 2.1.20 (2.3.7c) - Phoenix

    Thank You will check it out

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