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  1. My wife is taking this contest where she had to dress up as lollipop chainsaw (a computer game heroine). one of the prizes is a playstation 3, and mine broke down a few days ago .... so please vote for her (Karolien Lenaerts) if you have facebook, it only takes 30 seconds of your time :D Ps: don't vote for any of the other girls ;) link
  2. ok, good, where can i find it? got a DL link to that (sorry got no time to search, i am very busy at the moment) Thank you
  3. Hi, long time since i been on modaco since I do not own a blade anymore (got a HTC incredible S now) But my friend still owns a blade, so today he asked me to update his phone (he is running a 10month old build at the moment) so can someone point me to a post or build i should flash on his phone (all working-stable-no FC's) or should i just take the latest nightly Many thanks
  4. as basic and stable as possible with great battery life and decent audio output on headphones
  5. Volume plus works up untill V1.8.0.0 , versions and v do not work, i reported this to the developer. i have a legitimite version from the market, and with autoupdate it failed working after V1.8.0.0 what is said earlier is true as well, you must uninstall DSP manager as it conflicts with volume+, just freezing it is no good !! also volume plus crashes when a call comes in, this has to do with the experimental in-call option in the latest builds, the developer knows this and is working on it I managed to find a V1.8.0.0 on the net, because i could not get it from the market no more or from his website www.androidaudiohacks.com
  6. Completely wiped everything, even sdcard installed sej 220+ and gapps everything is smoothy now, no more annoying static from the speaker at random times great stuff, i will keep this one for a while all led notifications work bueno !!!
  7. update of handcent sms fixed the problem. it even said fixed led notifications in the update log
  8. led notification is nice. but the Green led is barely visible in daylight. I wish all notifications would have the red led blinking ... led notification does not work with handcent SMS on my phone :( think I will do a full wipe when it bet's merged in an official nightly build ...
  9. There is a strange static coming from my speaker at random times (it lasts for a sec, sometimes two) when i am using the phone (it doesn't happen when it is idle) If I am typing text at the moment it happens, the phone hangs for a few seconds, untill the static stops. It started occuring after i upgraded to N213, Yesterday I updated to N220sej, did not fix it ... Anyone else having this??
  10. I feel pretty dumb, but it says either "when creen turns off', "never when plugged" in or "never" I remember users saying that it could stay on for 15 minutes when screen turns off, which option do i need to take???
  11. The old thread is locked ... I guess wbaw got fed up with the nagging as well It's hard to be a developper :P
  12. -Fruit ninja is playable, but less smooth, so it's ok yes -I will look for updates for the other two games (they are uhm, not that offficial *red face*) -The EQ section does not bother me too much since we have DSP manager -LED notifications would be awesome though
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