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  1. I guess it should be fine to just flash back to stock and unroot. But depends if you've done anything else to it.
  2. Gunnerzz

    This is the end...

    I have just done the exact same. My little blade has only a breath left. Dropped it again last night and have another crack. So dodgy screen and no power button. Goodbye my beautiful blade. Hello nexus 4 :D
  3. Cba to wait a month to get one from Hong Kong. My DIY seems to be holding out. Use tablet talk for my nexus 7 atm so im not missing it so much :P
  4. Seems to be a common problem but i am struggling to find a replacement back. Trying different apps to disable the lock screen and only sometimes can wake using the menu button. Wish i hadn't dropped it. Damn drunken student life :/ Edit: Managed to fashion a temporary button using foil and a cable tie. :P
  5. Reckong this is on the cards in the future? http://www.techradar.com/news/phone-and-communications/mobile-phones/android-4-2-alpha-reveals-double-notification-bar-1104752
  6. Ok so i can't get instagram to work, and Facebook keeps force closing too. I've wiped and reinstalled. But still no luck.
  7. Started getting reboots for the first time using this ROM. sucks :(
  8. This is all you have to do nothing else? Sounds a bit too simple <_<
  9. Ah my bad might have linked the wrong one. Pretty sure the one i meant was 160Mb system partition. Glad youre sorted. +1 my posts? :P
  10. In the app drawer? Should have installed the googel apps for you and when you first boot it should run a set up.
  11. http://goo.im/gapps/...0726-signed.zip Download that and put it on your card. Wipe data again and the flash that. Make sure you select install zip. the install zip from sd. See if that works. If it doesnt then im out of ideas. Im off to bed now!
  12. Sorry my fault havent done this in a while! Extract the Gen2-v2a into you SD Card. It will create an image folder. Boot into recovery and it should install. Wipe data Wipe cache partition Go to advanced -> Wipe Dalvik cache Then install the rom Reboot then install gapps.
  13. Ive replied to your thread. Just be patient and refrain from hijacking the dev thread.
  14. Take your battery out and wait 10 secs. Put it back in. that will get you out of FTM. Download, boot into recovery mode (Hold power and VOL UP button) Do a factory Wipe and clear the caches in advanced settings but be careful not to do your SD Card though. Then flash (Press install Zip. file then Install Zip. from SD) this http://bit.ly/wEO8Im Afterwards flash this in the same way http://www.mediafire...dqzdxprc23s0dxx Reboot Then flash this too https://hotfile.com/...taKANG.zip.html Im not a pro at all but that should work.

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