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  1. Following the recent refurb Vega deal on HotUKDeals it's become apparent that theres a new version of the Vega with a worse screen than before. I know my glass screen vega hasn't got the best screen in the world, but it's not that bad... new vega owners seem to find the screen to be completely un usable. Has anyone got any photos of the two compared to each other?
  2. Is there a way to set up some sort of subversion account for this? Maybe Google code or something where people can download the source the upload new versions as a different file until it can be merged?
  3. Why not upgrade to vegacomb?
  4. You both make very good points. Being an app developer its plain to see that developers really just don't like Andorid and the app sales figures are a large part of the reason why. I've had no end of trouble with my apps too, it's not necessarily about the quality of the product but the compatibility with the platform. I use a HTC Hero and my Vega to test apps on, for a while they were both running gingerbread, when I switched to froyo and vegacomb there was a load of issues showing up on both devices. Theres simply too many different versions that are the highest stable version for each Android device, iOS your dealing with maybe 2-3 versions plus those people who haven't upgraded, but that's the user's fault. I must admit that I've let a lot of flaws go due to knowing I'm using low range or old hardware and custom ROMs, if I had paid full whack and was using stock ROMs I'd expect everything to run smoothly. With 2.2/2.3 on the vega it did really feel a little cheap and like a big phone, but so does the iPad, without the cheap, Vegacomb is something else though. I'm not sure how the Xoom, Transformer and Galaxy 10.1 feel to use. I think Android's main issue is the fact that it needs to have just one current version for phones and one for tablets, that way it'd kick iOS out of the ballpark. Hopefully Ice Cream Sandwich might bring this, failing that a Cyanogen APK that senses your hardware, auto installs the ROM and loads with stuff like ES file browser, Dolphin, and the top rated media apps as standard. Android for dummies that as Mr Job says "it just works". :D I find it funny that Apple's motto is "theres an app for that" but for freedom and compatibility there isn't an app.... if there is you have to pay.
  5. I've put an open question up on my blog so can anyone who has more experience of iPad can help me out please. Jim Says: Tech Reviews: Open Question: What makes the iPad Hot and Android Tablets Not? I know this isn't the best forum for pro-iPad opinions, but I want to work out the reason why people seem to think the iPad is so much better than Android. :)
  6. You can download youtube from the market with any of the custom roms, can't remember exactly what the interface was like though. It should be the same as the galaxy though. Heres a couple of screenshots of the stock Youtube app on my Vega running the latest Vega Honeycomb 3.2 ROM..... Better than what's on the old Galaxy tab! :P
  7. Yeah, I was kinda worried too, but I think it's a corruption issue with titanium backup. Both instances this has occoured Titanium has been used, thinking about it, it actually worked fine before I restored my backup as I had to download Titanium.
  8. Tried that, must be an install problem with titanium or something, someone else had same problem with last build. I cleared data, cleared cache, made a new account and switched, deleted old account and tried again. Deleted the market app and trying gapps from CM7 now cos too lazy to do full re-install, lol. :D Seems like BT+Wifi is still broke though, when you turn Bluetooth off it kills the Wifi until reboot.
  9. Since upgrading from build 5 to 7 -> 8 update I can't download from the market and keep getting the following every few minutes in the logcat. You think it's an install problem, or a bug in the update?
  10. I added this to the bug list when you posted it. :)
  11. Just to let everyone know I've made a thread to collaborate the bugs people are coming up with and free up the main thread a bit. I don't have time to learn kernel dev atm (though I'm dying to) and I can't afford to donate, so I wanted to do something to help, lol. I've done a google docs spreadsheet now to make it easier for everyone, which links into the forum for more info. http://tabletroms.com/forums/vega-rom-development/2139-vegacomb-3-2-known-bug-thread.html I'm assuming you're handling the build releases Newbie? Could do with getting one or two peoples e-mails to give them access so they can edit the spreadsheet when fixes are ready to be put in builds or when they've been released. It's probably best to limit access to just a couple of people though. Cheers, Jimmy
  12. I read portrait, usually with tablet in a bookstand next to my laptop and pc. I hated the adobe reader, manual zoom sucks and no text reflow or other options, ezpdf made a massive diff. I'm writing this viewing from about 45 degrees portrait and the image is just going funny, landscape you get about 30 degrees. The viewing angles arent amazing, but its not an expensive tab. Just gotta prop it up right if you're using it slobbing about, lol. Mod wise this tab is quite exciting with all the devs making mods and rom choices. Stock, Android 2.2 or 2.3 stable, 3.0 or 3.2 eta, take your pick. :)
  13. I read pdfs on my vega loads. I bought ezPDF Reader for 70p from the market and the screen res isn't an issue at all, doubletap and it cuts the white space and zooms to text colum and sticks to it, amazing reader. If you really want a tab I'd suggest possibly a cheap vega off ebay and use corvus5, Cyanogen7 or VegaComb. I would like to upgrade, but for the price of a mid spec phone these are a steal. Your looking at £400 for a reasonable improvement.
  14. By the way I see loads of people talking about paying for Root Explorer.... I used ES File Explorer, it's free and gives root access to change the file, you just need to tick the box in settings. It's got a ton of other features too. :)
  15. Sorted thanks, forgot I'd enabled that last time, lol.
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