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  1. Hi Kamil,

    Is this from the same source as Eduardo just posted? i.e, does it include the changes he made ? If not maybe worthwhile you two getting together offline and working from the same base, saves duplication, .. Just a thought ..

    Thanks again !!


    Is there a way to set up some sort of subversion account for this? Maybe Google code or something where people can download the source the upload new versions as a different file until it can be merged?

  2. You both make very good points. Being an app developer its plain to see that developers really just don't like Andorid and the app sales figures are a large part of the reason why. I've had no end of trouble with my apps too, it's not necessarily about the quality of the product but the compatibility with the platform. I use a HTC Hero and my Vega to test apps on, for a while they were both running gingerbread, when I switched to froyo and vegacomb there was a load of issues showing up on both devices. Theres simply too many different versions that are the highest stable version for each Android device, iOS your dealing with maybe 2-3 versions plus those people who haven't upgraded, but that's the user's fault.

    I must admit that I've let a lot of flaws go due to knowing I'm using low range or old hardware and custom ROMs, if I had paid full whack and was using stock ROMs I'd expect everything to run smoothly. With 2.2/2.3 on the vega it did really feel a little cheap and like a big phone, but so does the iPad, without the cheap, Vegacomb is something else though. I'm not sure how the Xoom, Transformer and Galaxy 10.1 feel to use.

    I think Android's main issue is the fact that it needs to have just one current version for phones and one for tablets, that way it'd kick iOS out of the ballpark. Hopefully Ice Cream Sandwich might bring this, failing that a Cyanogen APK that senses your hardware, auto installs the ROM and loads with stuff like ES file browser, Dolphin, and the top rated media apps as standard. Android for dummies that as Mr Job says "it just works". :D

    I find it funny that Apple's motto is "theres an app for that" but for freedom and compatibility there isn't an app.... if there is you have to pay.

  3. You can download youtube from the market with any of the custom roms, can't remember exactly what the interface was like though. It should be the same as the galaxy though.

    Heres a couple of screenshots of the stock Youtube app on my Vega running the latest Vega Honeycomb 3.2 ROM..... Better than what's on the old Galaxy tab! :P


  4. Jimmy,

    This line is the most worrying for me:

    08-28 17:01:09.220: WARN/DefaultRequestDirector(270): Authentication error: Unable to respond to any of these challenges: {}

    It looks lick you haven't set-up what ever networking accounts to allow the "checkin" process. You may want to either as suggested do a complete wipe and start again or go into the settings and remove existing accounts and manually rebuild list.

    Good luck.


    Yeah, I was kinda worried too, but I think it's a corruption issue with titanium backup. Both instances this has occoured Titanium has been used, thinking about it, it actually worked fine before I restored my backup as I had to download Titanium.

  5. Please, clear all market data and try it again, Build8 market runs fine here.


    Tried that, must be an install problem with titanium or something, someone else had same problem with last build. I cleared data, cleared cache, made a new account and switched, deleted old account and tried again.

    Deleted the market app and trying gapps from CM7 now cos too lazy to do full re-install, lol. :D

    Seems like BT+Wifi is still broke though, when you turn Bluetooth off it kills the Wifi until reboot.

  6. Since upgrading from build 5 to 7 -> 8 update I can't download from the market and keep getting the following every few minutes in the logcat. You think it's an install problem, or a bug in the update?

    08-28 17:01:08.910: ERROR/TelephonyManager(270): Hidden constructor called more than once per process!

    08-28 17:01:08.910: ERROR/TelephonyManager(270): Original: com.google.android.location, new: com.google.android.gsf

    08-28 17:01:08.910: INFO/CheckinService(270): Preparing to send checkin request

    08-28 17:01:08.910: INFO/EventLogService(270): Accumulating logs since 1314547093502

    08-28 17:01:09.030: DEBUG/dalvikvm(270): GC_CONCURRENT freed 517K, 12% free 6079K/6855K, paused 3ms+4ms

    08-28 17:01:09.030: INFO/CheckinTask(270): Sending checkin request (2102 bytes)

    08-28 17:01:09.220: WARN/DefaultRequestDirector(270): Authentication error: Unable to respond to any of these challenges: {}

    08-28 17:01:09.240: ERROR/CheckinTask(270): Checkin failed: https://android.clients.google.com/checkin (request #0)

    08-28 17:01:09.240: ERROR/CheckinTask(270): java.io.IOException: Rejected response from server: HTTP/1.1 401 bad security token

    08-28 17:01:09.240: ERROR/CheckinTask(270): at com.google.android.gsf.checkin.CheckinTask.parseResponse(CheckinTask.java:345)

    08-28 17:01:09.240: ERROR/CheckinTask(270): at com.google.android.gsf.checkin.CheckinTask.sendRequest(CheckinTask.java:293)

    08-28 17:01:09.240: ERROR/CheckinTask(270): at com.google.android.gsf.checkin.CheckinTask.doInBackground(CheckinTask.java:155)

    08-28 17:01:09.240: ERROR/CheckinTask(270): at com.google.android.gsf.checkin.CheckinService$1.doInBackground(CheckinService.java:235)

    08-28 17:01:09.240: ERROR/CheckinTask(270): at com.google.android.gsf.checkin.CheckinService$1.doInBackground(CheckinService.java:225)

    08-28 17:01:09.240: ERROR/CheckinTask(270): at android.os.AsyncTask$2.call(AsyncTask.java:252)

    08-28 17:01:09.240: ERROR/CheckinTask(270): at java.util.concurrent.FutureTask$Sync.innerRun(FutureTask.java:305)

    08-28 17:01:09.240: ERROR/CheckinTask(270): at java.util.concurrent.FutureTask.run(FutureTask.java:137)

    08-28 17:01:09.240: ERROR/CheckinTask(270): at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker(ThreadPoolExecutor.java:1081)

    08-28 17:01:09.240: ERROR/CheckinTask(270): at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$Worker.run(ThreadPoolExecutor.java:574)

    08-28 17:01:09.240: ERROR/CheckinTask(270): at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:1020)

  7. Just to let everyone know I've made a thread to collaborate the bugs people are coming up with and free up the main thread a bit. I don't have time to learn kernel dev atm (though I'm dying to) and I can't afford to donate, so I wanted to do something to help, lol.

    I've done a google docs spreadsheet now to make it easier for everyone, which links into the forum for more info.


    I'm assuming you're handling the build releases Newbie? Could do with getting one or two peoples e-mails to give them access so they can edit the spreadsheet when fixes are ready to be put in builds or when they've been released. It's probably best to limit access to just a couple of people though.

    Cheers, Jimmy

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  8. I read portrait, usually with tablet in a bookstand next to my laptop and pc. I hated the adobe reader, manual zoom sucks and no text reflow or other options, ezpdf made a massive diff.

    I'm writing this viewing from about 45 degrees portrait and the image is just going funny, landscape you get about 30 degrees. The viewing angles arent amazing, but its not an expensive tab. Just gotta prop it up right if you're using it slobbing about, lol.

    Mod wise this tab is quite exciting with all the devs making mods and rom choices. Stock, Android 2.2 or 2.3 stable, 3.0 or 3.2 eta, take your pick. :)

  9. I read pdfs on my vega loads. I bought ezPDF Reader for 70p from the market and the screen res isn't an issue at all, doubletap and it cuts the white space and zooms to text colum and sticks to it, amazing reader.

    If you really want a tab I'd suggest possibly a cheap vega off ebay and use corvus5, Cyanogen7 or VegaComb. I would like to upgrade, but for the price of a mid spec phone these are a steal. Your looking at £400 for a reasonable improvement.

  10. nah, its cos it doesnt run as root as default - in ES, go to settings, scroll down and tick the 'root explorer' option. should work ok then

    EEDIT: you might need to tick 'mount /system as writeable' as well, cant remember if that is ticked by default or not...

    Sorted thanks, forgot I'd enabled that last time, lol.

  11. How are you guys editing the build.prop file? Root explorer from a PC? I'm trying with ES File manager, but it won't let me save the file, I assume since my vega is on. Theres also settings like saying region is US etc I wanna try change to see if BBCiPlayer comes back.

  12. See my reply in the other post :)

    Damn, I'd better check if my copy still works! I use ezPDF every day, amazing PDF reader.

    On a positive note these guys have BRILLIANT customer service. They did an update and tap zoom went wonky, I e-mailed them and the next dy there was a new update "fixed tap zoom"!

  13. All this talk of honeycomb. Only a couple of people remembering ice cream sandwich!!

    Advent already have r&d and production invested in the vega, plus stock ready to be sold..... why not pay devs from here to port ice cream sandwich to it and keep support it as a working budget tab. Honeycomb is just a stopgap anyway, like windows Me or vista was.

    Cant see any reason on earth why support would be ignored for the vega. Its a tried and tested good budget tab that will still make them money.

  14. OMG just pulled the strap on my case (on the sleeve inside) to realise it's held in place with a pop button, now my Vega stands properly :-)

    Almost as good as Honeycomb on Vega, thanks a lot :-)

    I did exactly the same too.

    I bought the case from currys with my vega as I got them to discount it and give me 2 months free breakdown cover. When I got home I was fuming since it said "stand functionality" and all I could figure out was using the leather strap on the front to connect and make a weak stand, I even said "they could've made this longer and it'd work properly.... a couple of days later I noticed the long fabric strap on the inside had a popper!

    One thing I was looking for was a book stand so I could stand it vertically instead of horizontally to read ebooks. I couldn't find anything in town then went to my local market to check. Stumbling accross a pottery shop I had an idea and asked them for a large plate stand, it works perfectly for £1!


    Not sure where you can buy them online, but something foldable would be nice. Getting a book or plate stand saves a ton on buying one "made for tablets".

  15. Wrt the mouse scrolling.

    It would take a fair bit.

    I'm not 100% sure on this (as I've not used a USB mouse), but I doubt it would be easy. The only way I think it could be done would be if you had a app that could first bind hardkeys (as if you had a sliding keyboard) to functions like swipes. Then, you'd probably have to configure whatever catches mouse input to simulate a press of that hardkey, in turn, simulating your action.

    1. I don't think such an app exists.

    2. I'd know how to configure the keyboard like this, but not a mouse.

    But that aside, welcome ^^.

    Developing apps shouldn't be too hard if you have a background in programming. If you're already familiar with java or another OOP language you should pick it up fairly quickly ^^.

    Good luck,


    Doing a bit of googling it seems theres no API for usb input devices. I assume it's all handled by the linux kernel then translated into soft input signals for the OS. Since theres clearly a driver installed for generic usb mice I'll try making a program to display current input signals on screen and see what signal the scroll wheel produces. Chances are there may be a signal coming in that just isn't handled, it'd be pointless to only included half a driver since scroll and extra 2 clicks is something that could be included in some hardware.

    Other than that, I think I'll start with my 1000th hello world program before working on projects outside of the base API! :unsure:

    Thanks for the welcome. I've done quite a bit of basic Java, C++ and C# (XNA) Progamming and lots of OO design and practise. I did a pretty mixed degree though doing computer games design and programming, so missed out on a bit. Being a jack of all trades doesn't get you very far though and I've been struggling finding a direction since most programming avenues are full of highly experienced developers and require a lot of knowledge and experience. Since android is pretty new and kind of overlooked compared to iOS I'm hoping it can be something I specialize in and gain ground in before it becomes overwhelmed with developers chasing the money. I think playing catch up to the big boys has put me off programming in most cases.

  16. What were you on before upgrading to R8? I'm using R7 and as far as I know sharing is working though I have an iPhone 2g phone which is pretty nailed down so can't test it myself but Wayfinder is working nicely with it. Perhaps worth reverting to R7 and see what happens?

    It was on stock, literally 15 minutes after I got it from the shop I transferred a picture over. As soon as I got home I flashed it to r8.

    Happy with r8 and my settings though so not keen on upgrading until honeycomb is shown to work better. I spent a long time messing with apps and settings to get it working how I like (double tap home brings up task switching with task XP, 5 simi folders on main page instead of tons of apps etc).

  17. From what I gather the Vega I recently bought has a dual core processor but andoird 2.2 doesn't support dual core?

    honeycomb is more optimized for dual core processor so does that mean it'll, in theory, make the Vega run faster?

    New to all this so sorry if any dumb questions, thanks. :unsure:

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