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  1. Defo go for the hudl 2.. The parental apps are great and will save you the worry. Its all well and good having the latest OS but I think knowing your child is using a safe tablet is more important. I have both and I prefer using my hudl.. Iveninstalled google now launcher so its near enough vanilla anyway. Its a no brainer for me!
  2. I just downloaded 'Google Now Launcher' and it's back to stock :-) job done. Steve
  3. I have both right next to me at the moment, it's a tricky question really; The plus for the Nexus 7 is.. Up to date system, being Android L very soon Wireless charging The plus for the Hudl 2 is.. Bigger screen SD Slot I'm more than happy with my Hudl 2 and I will be selling my Nexus 7 2013. Plus, the Nexus 7 2013 will soon no longer be available new! Each to there own really.. If there is anything you would like me to run or photos etc, just let me know. Steve
  4. This is the second one I've received now, first one was one that was needed out of the box.. new details are; KOT49H 20141009 Not sure what it's fixed but it's good news that they are releasing updates :-) hoping for 4.4.4
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