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    sorry the update was the one off this forum a couple of post below update as to the workings DO NOT i repeat DO NOT install this version of jelly bean hang fire and wait i got at the most 8hrs of battery without using the phone at all you can not stop background processes alter cpu speeds or make a phone call with out using loud speaker and if you do use the the phone as a phone youll be lucky to even get 30 mins of call time from a full battery so in full the OS is to heavy for the gt540 the jelly bean os is not fully ported either (which i did know) youll get no battery life and to top it all off bug report wise com.android.process and clock stop working approx 3 secs after turning the phone on i am not happy with this i was so wanting this to work out as the whole lay out of the OS was amazing saying that i would give atleast 3 1/2 out of 5
  2. :::::::::::JELLYBEAN 4.1.1::::::::::: IM POSTING MY VIEWS ON THE NEW JELLY BEAN 4.1.1 THATS BEEN RELEASED FOR THE LG GT540 I have just (with-in 30 minutes) downloaded and updated my LG GT540 to the new jelly bean and so far so good. Straight away i have noticed a major stability change from the ICS i had put on a few months ago. The issues i had were that great i reverted back to gingerbread 2.3.7 as i knew this to be stable and very reliable. Things i have noticed other that which have been stated as bugs are as follows! 1:: Certain setting appear not to work i.e:- Device Storage -- This sends you back to home screen Battery usage -- This is somewhat inaccurate but only seems to be minor at the moment Apps -- Doesnt seem to read all apps stored everything in personal, account and system seem to operating just fine 2:: Gallery does not seem to work either but with no camera i can not take photos to be able to test properly so anyone that does already have photos if you can leave a comment please do 3:: Home selector appears to be missing 4:: The ability to adjust the cpu outage appears to be missing (apps are available for this thought) So far these are the only effects that have i issues on. As time goes on no doubt there will be more but it appears to be quite stable. The effect of this will be tested in due course. i will be downloading a game on which i can test the stability of this OS. !!Games are a great stability test of android systems angry birds is a perfect one because of the size of the app whilst running!! Right now the misfortune of the bad side of the OS known as jellybean i'm going list some of the things ive noticed that i like. 1:: The smoothness of screen change. 2:: The layout of the settings menu. 3:: The overall look of jellybean. 4:: Some native wallpapers are interesting O.K so not much at the moment but i have only been playing around with it for 30 minutes. i will be updating as time goes on If anyone has any further points they would care to add or maybe ask for help and advice please feel free to do so I know my profile status is on here as newbie but the gt540 is a good phone and i have learnt a fair bit about the phone itself !!The newbie status relates to posts made!!
  3. bozie1

    slight water damage

    :::::::::::::::::xxxxxSOLVEDxxxxx::::::::::::::::: this matter has now been solved just by simply putting the simcard in the phone
  4. bozie1

    slight water damage

    hi my wife has got her fone slightly water damaged so i turned it off dryed it out and desided to upgrade to jellybean before i upgraded it had a few issues with turning on but once it was on it worked but now after the upgrade i am recieving an issue with com.android.process or something to that effect no matter what i do it keeps flashing up till it freezes the fone is the fone dead or is there a fix
  5. so ive upgraded to the new 4.0.3 and it seems that which ever adobe flash i install it wont work is there anyone out there that has any idea of which one i could use plus as an added thing how do i get rom manager to work as the app is pre installed with the update BUT is not supported (whats with that whats the point) why would you put it in the build if when you try to register it for updates it asks you to input what device you are using and gt540 aint there i do hope there is someone with a solution to this as every time i put post on looking for help NO ONE ever replys with any sort of help AT ALL just more people with the same problems which i then have to struggle my ass off to fix myself and post how i did it
  6. bozie1

    Install Android Ice Cream Sandwich on LG GT540

    im currently downloading this now and thank god for google translate as some dipstick posted half in english half some other language cheers for that maybe some full english tutorial would be a good idea edit ::::::: what flash player can be installed on this rom as ive had problems with cm7 and stock roms re:edit::::::::::::: ok so got it working and everything is running smooth apart from that stated above plus one other thing how the hell do i use rom manager if gt540 is not in the menu re:re:edit::::::::: ok so ive been running if for a day now and every hour to an hour and half the phone reboots itself unless its being used continuosly i.e playing a game music film etc etc plus seems to want to eat battery power like no tomorrow today ive charged the phone fully 3 times maybe its just the OS that takes the battery power but thats poor atleast with 2.3.7 you get just about a full day
  7. bozie1

    LG GT540 Android Logo Stuck

    have a look at my post wont boot past lg logo ive fixed mine
  8. bozie1

    gt540 wont boot past lg logo

    i am now (on my own with no help from anyone) getting stuck on the android logo not the lg one so in my eyes ive advanced slightly couple of things left to try before the phone replaces a house brick ok orange man here is what i had to do took a little messing around but use the kdz upd find v20b.00 kdz file (make sure it has fastboot) flash that to the phone (this gave me the android logo and fastboot) now depending on what system you are running search (on google) for the drivers for your computer to see your phone in fastboot mode then once this is done you have to use the auto updater for 2.3.7 cyangenmod as it seems this is the only one that will work now from what i hear its less buggy and runs smother but on this i will update hope this helps
  9. bozie1

    gt540 wont boot past lg logo

    im taking it no one has the answer to this then
  10. bozie1

    gt540 wont boot past lg logo

    please can someone help me i need my phone working
  11. ive had the cyanogen 7 on my phone for some time and found that my phone has begun to heat up and battery does not even last half a day so decided to convert back to 2.1 i used kdz and the stock lg updater both complete the process but everytime i can not boot past lg logo any help would be nice thank you
  12. im having the same problem as insatiable which is im running vista 64x and everytime i plug the phone in it starts to reinstall the drivers which have been installed 100s of times as with aboved named when i now plug in though it does say android but still searches for drivers edit:- when start up the program for the update followed all instructions and when i get to the end with both install and update all it reads is waiting for device and with both it was left for just over a hour with each
  13. bozie1

    APN settings

    so is there anyone that could help me please
  14. bozie1

    APN settings

    hi ive done the upgrade for my phone and im running android version 2.3.3 CyanogenMod 7.0.0-gt540-MUR4IK and it seems that no matter what setting i put in there is nothing that works to get my mobile internet and gprs data roaming and this is a big problem as i got the phone because of the satnav that is built in and really need it to work if there is anyone anywhere that can help me at all or point me in some other direction to assist me that would be great plus does anyone know of any other upgrades for my gt540 cuz ive read some posts about 2.3.4 and 2.3.5 for the gt540 and does anyone know if these are better on the battery as im just barely getting a days use out of it and its a new battery as well
  15. right i followed the instructions to the letter on this i admit im a newbi at this but non the less followed instruction in fine detail then i had to sit for hour upon hour getting my phone working again as the instruction bricked my phone completely meny hours later i had forced my way into the backdoor of the phone and managed to reset back to 2.1 when i say forced i mean i couldnt do factory reset hard reset nothing is there a program of some kind that i can download plug my fone in and it do it itself like the lg updater i used to get the 2.1 a reply would be nice

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