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  1. Thank you for this article - it could have been me writing this! Even if I'm still in the process of uploading my mp3 collection to GM (a bit over 8000 pieces) and I didn't come to the point of trying out the part of playing them. I don't think I will abandon my collection on my harddrive (not with all my ratings and categorizations on the stake). Right now it's a nice to have on my way around (as long as I have a decent connection to the internet - which is not a given thing) without having to carry my desktop PC around with me :)
  2. Well - ordered the earphone right away. Even if I think I already have the cream of earphones: Audeo I think them even better then the Sure ones I had before and they are only about 100 €. But curious as I am I will give those RHs a test. Oh - and also the music of Example found the way to my Harddisk / Amazon Cloud Drive by now :)
  3. Thanks for the review and the pics - it helped me make my decision: I ordered it right away :)
  4. Would be interesting if this case provides magnets for the auto sleep mode.
  5. oh the sure look nice - but they also look as if they will cost almost as much as my GN7 did :)
  6. I was curious enough to switch from CWM to TWRP (it's kind of hard to leave all your backups of all the fine ROMs configured and all behind :( But sometimes you need to say good bye to things to learn new stuff :) And I have to say I don't really regret the change. The UI is much better then the CWM one (even the CWM Touch version). Everything works alright especially Backup and Restore doesn't make any problems (which is rather important to me because I like to switch between ROMs).
  7. Well - have to think about selling my GN7 without 3G then. I don't really make phone calls but all the time going about using tethering is too annoying now. I used it for 2 weeks during holidays but made the experience that it really is slow. Slower then the 3g connection when using the phone only. Well - let's wait and see what the price will be :-)
  8. and a second Thanks for the fix of Teamviewer Quicksuopport - works like a charme. Btw the GN7 display really looks nice on a 24" screen ;)
  9. Just downloaded and installed the new version. Because of being a bit curious the first thing I tried was the TeamViewerQS support. What shall I say: It just doesn't work. Tapping the icon to start the program it tries to open the program but in the end it gives up with the message: Sorry TV QS had to be closed.
  10. While you're at it: Could you have a look into the Monopoly (the game from ea software). Here I have the same problem: using stock ROM I don't have a problem to download the extra data. USing your ROM the download doesn't work
  11. Hi Paul did you plan to integrate an option to put the lock screen into landscape mode. It would make it easier to use the GN7 when mounted on a stand in times when you have to unlock the device - you don't have to fold your head into a 90° angle to be recognized by the face unlock software ^_^
  12. Got the same one - no problem here (yet ^_^ )
  13. There is a simple work around: Use Titanium Backup to deinstall Google Maps and then reinstall it via Google Play - it worked for me
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