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  1. really... is it a nice phone...? not for games. just basic things, viber, email,... just worry about desimlock.!
  2. looking for a cheap phone... i have found this one by swisscom, locked. can I unlock it easily? and install a rom like jellybeans.? any chance to hard-brick it or easy like zte blade? the phone cost 80$ new included 10bucks for call.
  3. hi girls :P, i lost my phone by letting the zip of my leg pocket open while driving my scooter. it was on plane mode, so each time i call my lost phone, it say it s not activated. i sent a sms that if my phone is returned i will offer 30$ .after 2 days nothing. my phone has a password.and has been smashed by a car, which i doubt. what can i do... can i block the imei with orange if i dont get my phone back? whats the best way to attach the phone, around the neck? on the belt?. I dont want to lose any other phone. now looking for defy second hand.
  4. You want me to pay 2.50 get us these sf2 before I kick some ass,grrrrrrrrrr! sent from tapatalk :-)
  5. I use one at the beginning, then none, and my battery is still good after 1 day. Task killer is useless. sent from tapatalk :-)
  6. What's the difference between arm6 & 7? I am not interested by games! sent from tapatalk :-)
  7. Not worth if you have blade. Unless you really want your girlfriends seeing you in pijama on skype... sent from tapatalk :-)
  8. I told you guy last June. Nobody wanted to believe me.it s illegal to unlock the phone. Who is laughing now?i have been banned 5 days... Communist:angry: sent from tapatalk :-)
  9. Com on baby answer to me, now! sent from tapatalk :-)
  10. So what? What's wrong with white zte, racist? sent from tapatalk :-)
  11. White power! http://shop.orange.co.uk/mobile-phones/coming-soon-phones sent from tapatalk :-)
  12. Yes but if compare with blade one? Picture less blurry? Faster focus? How it is to scan documents format A4, can someone upload page of newspaper? Because scan documents is a very helpful function. No need to plug a scanner... sent from tapatalk :-)
  13. What's the quality, example? sent from tapatalk :-)
  14. Installed on cyano7, no problem on my blade... sent from tapatalk :-)
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