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  1. Does it for me quite a bit on the previous version of this (approx 2 weeks ago) Have to remove battery and restart - hadnt done it on previous versions of this rom and other roms Regards
  2. What if you have s2e installed, can you not just install without losing all the s2e settings or does it have to be reinstalled? not sure on the format option you mention regards
  3. Cheers for the latest version KonstaT, much appreciated. To load yesterdays over 4.2.2 from 15/01, do i need to wipe anything or just install over the top (cwm, install from zip) Many thanks
  4. thanks for looking. i have just sent my blade back for repair so am going to use the opportunity to put a bigger sd card in. The original has never been formatted specially but has had apps moved to it. All the apps have been backed up using titanium and the phone been put back to stock rom. Can i copy everything from the existing card to the new one, pop it back in and restore or do i need to format it using the phone first. I had fish n chips on before the backup and will be putting the new Konstat rom on thanks
  5. welcome back. glad he saw sense in the end!!!! what software did yoiu use to do this to the phone cheers
  6. yeh it was on 0203 number, the repair company is SBE LTD based nr bristol i think. envelope is special delivery prepaid so no cost, and the repair cost is zero if in warranty. Sent mine monday came back today. I was going to replace myself but decided against it as zte were so helpful. REgards
  7. Mine had the same problem so sent it back on monday direct to zte. arrived back this morning with the ear piece replaced aparantly, not had chance to check it yet. Orange wont deal with it as over 6 months old!!!!!!! Ask them for zte num (cant find it now sorry ) and they will send you a prepaid special delivery envelope to send it off for repair. Hope that helps regards
  8. Had this myself yesterday...............i changed to gsm only and it brought up a full signal again. Seems better today though!!!!!!!
  9. Cheers for that. Is it all working ok now and was it your phone you got back rather than a different one? Were you originally gen 1 or 2? |Do you have a link to the exact files you used - if we know yours worked ok ;0) Did tpt'ing remove clockwork mod? Thanks
  10. Cheers for looking. Spoke to zte about my phone today and as istill in warranty im sending it in for repair to the speaker. Im wondering though as it is goinf to zte and not orange do i need to restore back to settings for orange or not. Its currently been tpt'd to get to gen 2 so would have to take it back to gen 1 and stock rom, then remove clockwork mod. is there anything zte will do to it to render it unmoddable? cheers
  11. hi is it an original blade speaker or one adapted from another phone? thanks
  12. I havent changed it yet, speaker is ordered should be here for the weekend. Phone almost useless at the moment. Was just reading another post where the vol bitton cable got ripped!!! ;0( Got me worried again now....
  13. how did you manage to rip that ? is it better to start at the opposite side? did you get any photos? Has it solved the problem? regards
  14. Well the speaker distortion on my phone has got worse. It appears that by squeezing gently the front and back of phone the distortion disappears so i dont think maybe its the speaker directly. I am currently gen 2 having used the tpt method to get from gen 1. So i can just use the reversal of that method and use the stock 2.1 rom before returning back to the shop. My question is will they just test the phone or will they query why the associated number has not been used. Also is there anything else i should check is removed? Many Thanks EDIT - just spoke to orange, the company will only deal with it for 6 months of the 12 months guarantee, after that it has to go back to manufacturer or via a company who will speed up repair and insure delivery at a cost of £17!!!!! probably cheaper to try and repair myself i guess...... what a con ;0(
  15. Can the anti tamper sticker be removed and replaced with ease. I am still under warranty but fear that if i return i may get a diffwerent phone rather than mine repaired and i would not know the history of the new one. But warranty still handy if the phone died completely thanks
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