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  1. well this user from the first page of this thread has apparently tried it on a Q10
  2. that's three votes for the Q10 .. fingers crossed :)
  3. I'd also love it if this could have the GEMQ1002 added as well ..
  4. one issue i've found actually is that the camera does seem to FC a lot .. might be because i've got it set to 720p though and it's never really been that reliable at that resolution. 3mp seems to work fine so i'll see how it goes
  5. i think i'd accidentally left WiFi on overnight, that's why it drained the battery. been running the phone today with some GPS tracking, music playing and gaming and 6.6.1 is working nice and smoothly so far.
  6. what rom are you actually running then because it's definitely there. i don't think the wifi sleeps on this latest version - i've not long ago woken up to find i've lost about 10-15% battery overnight and according to the battery logs, the wifi has been on for 4 and a half hours - when it hasn't been. i shall see ..
  7. Ok, I must have caught it at a good time - it downloaded in 10 minutes flat ! Here's some multiupload links .. I have no idea what the updates are so download at your own risk until burstlam officially releases it http://freakshare.com/files/0wgbvhcu/Pre-CM9-AOKP-REMIX-RC6.6.1-BLADE-zh-signed.zip.html http://www.filefactory.com/file/79f728fkgc8h/n/Pre-CM9-AOKP-REMIX-RC6.6.1-BLADE-zh-signed.zip http://oron.com/i9o4v1gvmpwl http://bayfiles.com/file/bMzT/2eGFvc/Pre-CM9-AOKP-REMIX-RC6.6.1-BLADE-zh-signed.zip http://depositfiles.com/files/7vqsucmnq
  8. those file hosts are ridiculously slow - just clicked to download it and it'll be done in 4 HOURS *edit* i tried the other download link and it said it would take 5 days :) i think i'll wait !
  9. that's it - albumthumbs. i thought 'albumart' seemed wrong :) and yes, it did cache 6gb of files for me once. i do skip the tracks many times when i'm out so i guess if it loads up the album art each time maybe. i just know it's frequently cached a couple of gig's worth of files before.
  10. it's in a folder called "albumart" - can't remember off hand where it is. mine has got as high as 6gb before. it would be different on an ipod for me for personal reasons - i'd prefer the album art on that, i'm not fussed on the phone
  11. I used to use PowerAmp, then WinAmp, but i switched to the stock player after the MBB mod - it's just as good.
  12. I don't mind apollo actually. i find the album art cache tends to eat up a lot of space on the phone anyway, so i don't mind it without it. if i had an ipod, it would be a different matter
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