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  1. HERE IS THE LINK just make 3 partiotions in my storage by gparted fat32 ,ext4 and swap put all files in my storage (the fat32 one ) and run haret from O2 beta folder and i hope it will be ok btw u can use sd card http://www.mediafire...87tz1869i9skp23
  2. HI Kociak Actually i ve my storage autoinstaller which was uploaded from modefied voyteckst rom in other forums if it is allowed to me to add this link i will upload the link for all who wants my storage autoinstaller
  3. hi Kociak first make sure that u format ur storage as 3 primary partitions fat32,ext4 and linus swap using gparted if u donot use sdcard ur file should be in init.rc mountvfat......./mmcblk0p1/storage in startup root ......./mmcblk0p2 in fstab mmcblk0p3 in vold.fstab s3c....sdhci0/mmc0 it wil work
  4. hi Voyteckest thanks for all amazing woryk u did &dev team.i ve 2points to comment Beside camera is so sluggish I can say that performance is almost equal to many original android(battery drainge to me is fair enough but still need improvement the 2nd point is about arabic support (btw thanks for adding support) it seems that there s some bugs in writing and reading some letters with numbers ie the no. is inverted in sequance if add with letters so 1234 is shown 4321 and I have lib files which i was using it to add arabic languge in previous versions but just replacing and adding it to lib folder in system causing boot failure My question what i need to change beside adding and replacing lib files Thanks in advanced
  5. Please ppl stop asking the billion time asked questions just read previous replays For newbies read FAQ from start
  6. Please ppl stop asking the billion time asked questions just read previous replays For newbies read FAQ from start
  7. Thanks alot + How can i use update file is it same frb3update tar or (as i think) its different i need it for adding language
  8. Hi voyteckst although u never comment on my post but i will stay saying thanks a lot for ur work and asking again for the following improvements Camera still sluggish and flash is always on (St.it work to turn off flash but i don't know how) and please if u can tell me how to add Arabic language support to the system Bluetooth need some improvement in speed Phone still lag and delay on showing incoming call except mentioned its charming specially after last update Really i appreciate ur work and keep going
  9. Thanks voytecks for update how it will change performance? Thanks again for ur work and i wish if the next update if possible contain improvement for 1 camera it so sluggish and slow 2 Bluetooth need more improvement for speed 3 FM radio 4 key mapping to original we always asking you for ......everything and i know it need work ànd time but i believe that. U r from those ppl who always seeking for perfection Thanks again for ur time and work
  10. Hello dev team and everyone plz I need help coz I gonna mad I want to modify init.rc so I can mount SD as sdcard and my storage as my storage I modified init.rc in the following Uncomment mount dev/mmc..k0p5/sdcard .......dev/mmc..k1p1/storage in vold.fstab I change 1instead of 0 And its mount by device as sdcard and storage as I want but if I unmount sdcard on setting and remount againe it will mount storage as sdcard then I change vold.fstab to 0 instead of 1 and reboot all thing works ok except camera said no SD. Plz insert one Plz help me I use my storage installation Gardakien method with modification suggested by friends here All I want is to mount SD as SD and storage as storage with working USB connection to PC thanks
  11. hi Dev team thanks 4ur great work I ve on question I did installation to my storage and everything good but when connect to PC the sdcard and my storage become the same partition ie when I send files to mobile I find them in my storage and sdcard. after restart the files seen only on my storage not on sdcard beside I cannot move app to sdcard can anyone tell me how I can modify init.rc so I can mount sdcard as sdcard in PC thanks alot btw I use Gardakien method
  12. hi voyteckst any news about my storage auto installer thanks btw can I mount my storage via USB connection beside sdcard
  13. hi everybody it's amazing to see this b3 works like a charm thanks dev team I ve two questions : why I cannot receive apk files by Bluetooth while I can send them any suggestions? how I can mount SD and my storage via USB connection what I ve to change? thanks alot
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