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  1. check out xda developers. nothing to see here at modaco for nexus users
  2. Really great work! As soon as we'll have a working project butter and hw acceleration.. you know.. I'll use it as a daily rom :P Apps open almost instantly. The only thing I miss is the 30 fps from ICS. Strange. When I open the camera It works for a second then it force closes. What do we need for PB and hw acc? libs?
  3. C3C0, is that volume boost pobbible for the blade (on ICS) too? Because my blade isn't loud enough compared to my X10 or Xpress Music. Sorry for my bad english it's very early in the morning :P
  4. I think you should open a thread for 3.x.x kernel development.. more ppl will see it.
  5. I read somewhere that google said JB will achieve 60 fps on modern hardware. What do they mean on modern hardware? 1ghz single core or dual core? Based on this http://www.techradar...eatures-1036013 writing we'll get a lot more. Personally I'm waiting for this update. We need this. And Tilal: TommyB is right. I know CM never finishes but keep going. Don't give up on your ROM. In my opinion yours the best! :) Still waiting for MIUI anyway. I prefer your ROMs because they're somehow better. Faster too!
  6. Maybe it's worth a look: http://galaxyics.com/releases/phone/2 It says: YouTube HQ is working, first 5-10 secound of movie can be laggy (will be improved)
  7. With Swedish Snow 7 base it works fine :wacko: it's a good ROM! dolby really catched me.. trying to fix WI-FI now :D
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