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  1. I have to thank Techneut because he has been a great help. Thank you all!
  2. Thanks chrisrotolo, but I already started Techneut's way and I have already installed Clockwork Recovery. Now I'm trying to find a stable OS in 'zip' format to install it. Any ideas? Thank you all again for your replies!
  3. Guys, I'm not jokin'... I did the factory reset thing and still it gets stuck at Dell Logo. I also copied different update.pkg versions (from 1.6 to 2.2.2) on the sd card and tried the update thing and still NOTHING That's kids stuff to be honest. I tried to find commands for the ''bios'' (hold CAMERA and press POWER BUTTON and you get a white screen with numbers and fast boot option on it) but I cannot find those commands (I tried the MS-DOS thing if you know what I mean) :mellow: :o That's why I'm really stuck. I need an experts opinion. What I want is simply to erase everything (like you do with a HDD Format on MAC wich takes more than 24 hrs :D ) and copy a preerooted update like 1.9.0 on the sd card and after that to use that version (wich I heard is the most stable, you know, Paul's 1.9.0) And I have no idea how to do that. Please guys, one of you, give me a hand! Thanks again for your replies!
  4. I have a problem with the software terms not with turning on and off my device...dude :mellow:
  5. Thanks man but... ...the problem is that I cannot even do the factory reset. And to turn it off from that Dell Logo where it gets blocked I have to take the battery out each time. And the biggest problem I got is that all these terms are a bit new for me so I really need an expert's detailed help. Is there anyone? I don't want to save anything at all, just want to do a full format and clean install :mellow: Please! Thanks!
  6. Good morning...I suppose I AM A MORON, first of all So, here's my story : - I buy this unlocked brand new Dell Streak 5 from ebay - After 3 days I have it in my hands, playing with it just like a kid does with his new toy (never had a smarthpone so this says it all) - I manage to connect to Internet through wireless and after 5 mins a message appears saying ''A new update is available'' (or smth like that) - It is the new Android 2.2.2 what I installed (wich made my streak sooooooooooooo sloooooooooow) :D - What does the moron do? He decides to root his new toy even if he never did it before - stupid idea :D - So now I'm stuck at the Dell Logo and praying for someone to enlighten me :mellow: - What I want to do now is to erase EVERYTHING and to do a new clean install of a stable Android version (I read about 1.9 but it's up to you now) Please help me! :o Thank you!
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