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  1. I know this has been asked before, but I haven't seen an answer. Can I update SlimKat versions OTA, or should I re-flash from the update on the first page each time there's a new version? Thanks in advance.
  2. What?!! Even when it's streaming? I thought this was a known issue affecting lots of kitkat custom roms on different devices. Something to do with the graphics bizarrely IIRC a post by Dazzozo long ago! I'm doing a completely clean install now, so fingers crossed.
  3. I had a LOT of random reboots with the last version. Hopefully 3.6 will be happier! Will Google Play Music ever work?
  4. Probably a stupid question, but is it possible to change the governor etc? I can't seem to find the option anywhere (I'm coming from CM11) or do I need to install something else to access the settings? I've just updated to slimkat 3.4 btw.
  5. I think the play music app may have caused the phone to reboot even quicker than usual! :P Edit: Just realised that may have sounded ungrateful - this is my daily rom, and it works very well (with the known limitations). It is always very fluid on my G510, and I haven't noticed any particular speed-up this morning with the latest nightly
  6. I'm also unable to backup a fully formatted install of yesterday's 4.4 nightly using TWRP2.6.3.2. I get a "Backup failed" when the system folder is being backed up. I've checked the selected sdcard, and it's correct, and the partly performed backup folders appear there, failing at the same size each time 151MB system file (out of a total 430MB). Any ideas?
  7. My data connection 2g or 3g doesn't connect in the latest nightly. Well it connects as in it shows H or G but the indicator always remains grey and didn't turn blue and I have no functioning internet connection. I've checked the APN settings with tweaker. Anyone else experiencing this? Update: seems fine now...
  8. Does streaming from Google Play Music work for you? That's the only bug affecting my daily use in any way currently.
  9. Facepalm! I have been looking everywhere for easy access changelogs since bbq tools died on my Nexus7! Thanks!
  10. I'm sure that will work, and will stick if I add it in init.d (although i admit I've not done this before) but won't I have to redo this after each nightly flash? UPDATE: It does work (although in my case I need to link to sdcard0 not sdcard1), and I can use SManager to run it each time at startup. It's saved on my sdcard so it should keep on going after every update Thanks!
  11. I tried recreating the /sdcard link to point where I wanted it (/storage/sdcard1), and it worked... until I rebooted. Then it was back to /storage/sdcard1 (Sorry, I know this wasn't aimed at me, but I thought it relevant)
  12. Yes I agree with the /sdcard pointing at the "wrong" storage. Interestingly mine does point to /storage/sdcard0 but this is now the internal sdcard because I enabled the "Use external SD as primary" in "Settings->Storage". I actually want it to point to /storage/sdcard1. Anyone know how I can do this?
  13. Hi all I updated TWRP using the modified version posted in the TWRP thread by Kra1o5, formatted everything bar my external sd and installed the latest nightly on my G510 and full gapps. All is working very well except: 1. It has mounted the internal sd-card as my default sd-card (ie only 1GB of space) - how do I make it use the 32GB external card? I've seen the "Use external SD as primary" option in "Settings->Storage", but I don't want to do this, I just want to use my external SD card for moving large apps to. UPDATE1: Actually it appears that this is exactly what I wanted to do, I checked it, rebooted and now under "Settings->Device->Apps", the "On SD Card" tab shows 32GB free! 2. Google play music fails whenever I try to play a track that is not on my device with an error "Music temporarily unavailable: No space available" UPDATE2: It actually reboots the device (as someone mentioned earlier) now, after setting the external sd to primary. UPDATE3: I can still pin the tracks and listen to them, but not steam direct 3. The connectivity icons keep losing their blue colour (ie they turn gray). I can't quite remember what the significance of the blue colour is, but I haven't seen this behaviour before. UPDATE4: This hasn't happened since I installed the fixed recovery and re-flashed It's very smooth! Thanks Dazzozo! Regards Jim
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