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  1. People said it wouldn't be possible to have 4.1 and now we have 4.3.1. I wouldn't install it anyway, Blade is too slow for anything above ICS. I've already ordered my Windows Phone anyway.
  2. In the cmd it says "device not found"... I just don't get the instructions...
  3. God, you're annoying! So, he took Sej's ROM and synced it and added some stuff for others to enjoy it. There's no need to make a fuss about it.
  4. Try both ice9 and ice10 themes for CM7. For messaging use GoSMS with the ICS Theme (I prefer the iPhone theme) The only downside in CM7 IMO is the callscreen, but I don't know how to make it work like JB.
  5. Do you think the Goophone i5s is a good choice? It's only 512MB but that's not a problem to me since I only use it to calls and texting and I really like the looks of iPhone 5
  6. This ROM always asks for Network Unlock Code but if I dismiss it I can use the phone properly. The SMS app has a problem giving not send message even though it was sent because the other person responded. Proximity sensor does not work and there's no option to calibrate it. Wi-fi is not working that well... Some things are still in chinese as you can see on the screenshots. Had a reboot when unplugin the headset but that was just that... Other than that, very fast and very responsive.
  7. the scrolling in the settings menu is pretty slow, anyone facing the same problem? the rest is fine...
  8. stick to cm7, CM10.1 is laggy even in most 1Ghz 512MB devices!
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