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  1. Ahhh stupid me. I never read that closely to see what in the OP. It worked wonderfully. Thank you.
  2. I am coming back to this phone after a while away from it. Mainly because I am selling my S3 and want to get the Nexus 4 instead but need a backup phone. I have tried to install this rom numerous times and everytime when I install it using the TWRP that is linked in the OP it looks exactly like a regular GB rom. No theme changes at all and starts out in French. I don't know what is going wrong. Did this on vb and vd. If you have an idea I would greatly appreciate a bit of help. I've flashed many roms on both the liquid E and MT and never had problems like this.
  3. I'm glad to do some testing as I have a Liquid and Liquid MT and can use the Liquid for a while during the testing phase of the MT. I'd lend computing power too but I doubt my Core duo 2ghz and 4gb ram would do much good. My laptop barely if ever is used. I just have no idea on how to do any compiling or anything at all. I just put Linux Mint on my laptop and jumped ship from Windows so I am already in a learning curve.
  4. I've thesame issue. I have a JVC stereo in my car and it connects with stock based and CM9 perfectly but CM7 only audio not calling.
  5. In t &l it doesn't change with the icon. Check in phone status and you will see it is 1%. Mine is the same way. Also it shows the correct percent when on lockscreen while charging.
  6. Can't hurt to try both ways though.
  7. I have more music on my SD card than that phone has total memory so its useless for me. Wish they would always put SD slots in phones.
  8. Lens if you are stopping work on CM9 and ICS would you be able to make a perfect CM7? Mainly the only bad things are the in call Bluetooth doesn't work and speakerphone doesn't work. Also the Royal Bank of Canada app doesn't work correctly as it shows weird characters and won't sign in but that is minor. Full working CM7 would be great.
  9. This is the rom I always end up going back to after trying others. Though I use it as a base and apply tweaks.
  10. I like es file explorer. Works well and its free. Nothing fancy but it works.
  11. Good luck with your exams Lens. And anyone else in exams. Looking forward to trying out the next version. Wish I knew something about this that I could help with.
  12. This is based on the stock Acer rom so it hasn't those bugs.
  13. Or the wrong kernel was flashed.
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