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  1. EbookDroid is best - search in the market. It can deal with table of contents, you can zoom in and it remembers your zoom settings for that book, most importantly it displays the text etc as is, unlike the native reader.
  2. The tethering works (I'm using it now!) but sometimes you need to reboot. I tried 'wireless tether' but it seems to want to use wep rather than a stronger protocol - which is strange, 'cause on my old ZTE Racer it uses pka (?) (I still use it as a modem, even though the screen is broken - use Myphoneexplorer - it's free!), also on cyogenmod 7. Anyway, all problems, I've found, can be worked out. The point, I think is, that, with this hardware, the lighter weight of Gingerbread is probably best - no?
  3. Dakok, I like your pic, John Lennon, my hero. (My mother knew himm back in the day). Anyway, this rom is pretty good. A Gobackup from ics won't work but AllBackup is fine. Thanks, Dakok.
  4. You are probably right Dalyer but coming from symbian androids aggressive memory management gets annoying- hence the wish for a swap. As I say, an illusion also.
  5. Btw, I used the internal emmc to place the swap.
  6. I tried using swapper2 (not £5 - free) and although in terminal it showed swapp on ( type "free" under su) it made absolutely no difference in performance or multitasking , unlike with my old galaxy mini. Try zram, probably better.
  7. Thanks, Tillaz, that was what was needed. If enough people test this out and it proves fully functional, I think that a real breakthrough. I haven't tested Grt yet - not had time but in principal it should work. Why GB? The question is why not? There are perhaps security issue of which Daz might inform us but this is a single core Machine overclocked to 1 ghz (from 800 - its optimal state) with 1/2 gb ram - ain't to special. Why not? I use my ayce data to tether and its just to slow on gb.
  8. Bloody android keyboard - I was trying to until my cps fup I was going to test Grt a modded version of which I have on my sd. What a day!!!
  9. Sorry, Dakok, for not replying - had a ma our cup on these PCs ( actually cause I threw hem out of window - wanted to!). Yes, that was my procedure and no, I haven't tested it further than I explained. Until the crack up today I was going to test further - I have a modded Get waiting on my SD. We shall see!
  10. not. i repeat not, taking credit!! I' m typing on my old gb - eh!
  11. By the way, I'm taking credit, except for testing, but just thought it needed to be flagged. Appropos Dazzasso, what files deal with the radio in gb? How is it so simple to add a file to 2030 and have connectivity?
  12. It was the rom - my old cwm backup function fine.
  13. Btw, I also tested Semental GB kernel for over-clocking on the cm beta from anshi and it worked too!!, The only problems I had with that cm was 1) I couldn't wireless tether, whatever app I used; and, 2) mass storage was mounted as a rom with read only properties. Is that the rom or something else? Must test.
  14. From anshi forum and Dakok, it seems any GB will work on 2030 (ICS) baseband if injected with the right libcm.so, extracted from an ics system/lib and pasted on the same in GB. Yes, at first I was skeptical, so I tested it out. First with the network working cm from anzshi (beta 1) and it worked perfectly!, and, second, with an old cwm backup I had when I'd merely my GB new phone - it works. No brick (don't believe that is possible, unless you drop a brick on it!), no fuss. It works!. Therefore, what I suggest, after some testing, that all old GB roms, such as Grt, do this and we won't have to 'downgrade, upgrade' etc. What do you think? NB With the old cwm backup I restored, whilst in recovery (6027), before I booted it, I used aroma fm (1.80) file browser to copy and paste the libcm.so, then booted.
  15. Well, tried it but it doesn't even properly boot, freezes on splash screen after a while.
  16. Look, sorry about this, but my commenting seems to have come out all wrong - I'll repeat my question - is hspa11 particular to B926 because why? Is there something about that rom that we can repeat? Is it worth repeating - ie are there any stats that show hspa11 as actually being hspa11? And, if so, can we not do this via the qualcom toolkit, QPST? If I've trippled posted, forgive your phone and me.
  17. Also, my comment on opera mini was meant to say why waste your time - merely a question of curiosity - on such obdurate hardware, Dazzazo - I wonder if the challenge is equal to the reward? I would never do it but then I am a mean little bugger!
  18. Or perhaps the hspa11 is a kind of Chinese illusion? Has anyone ever tested the stats on this?
  19. I tried to post on Opera Mini - waist of time - my question or query is - what is it about B926 that allows hspa11? Can we we do do this using QPST? I think this Rom is pretty good Daz
  20. Someone asked up post why B926 is able to introduce hspa11 - which is a very good question - is it the rip, CA's, could qpst do something or what is it? I'm very impressed with your from, as usual - I wonder you persist in such a thankless task for such a thankless phone - I wouldn't but then I'm perhaps meaner than you!
  21. Yes, got it working - specifically on Cydas Stock+ - won't work on Dazzazos CM for obvious reasons - I use system app installer and root explorer - you need to move three libs to /system/lib/ - libjni_filtershow_filters.so, libjni_mosaic.so, liblightcycle.so - one of them overwrites so back up - give them root, root ownership and rw-r--r-- permissions - and 'system install' two apks - Gallery and GmsCore. I'll upload if I have enough space (Sorry to big - google is your friend - I think up post someone gave a ref.). Working fine for me. You will have two galleries, though. I usually uninstall the original gallery first using Root Uninstall.
  22. I should have said acknowledgements to amarullz for these, specifically http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1646108
  23. These file managers work on our CWM as tested by me - specifically, the 1.80 only properly works on CWM 6.0xx and for CWM 5.0xx you must use the 1.00 version and when it requests of you whether you want alternative touch (I forget the specifics!) say yes. Finally, you must mount all partitions before launching. Just install like a normal zip and exit when finished and it will uninstall itself and return you to the CWM menu. Useful. Have fun! aromafm-1.80.zip aromafm-1.00-120512-002.zip
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