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  1. I think you mean lower tolerance ie they require more accuracy or they ditch it :)
  2. Haven't heard anyone with this complaint in a while: My data keeps stopping and can be easily restarted by turning data on and off. Is there a fix for this? In addition when using Toggle2G, switching from 2g-3g or 3g-2g causes me to lose all reception for 5-30 seconds (sometimes more), before it returns. James
  3. Happened when you quit the welcome wizard before completing it... reflashing and going through the wizard fixed it.
  4. I'm running r23 EXT3 without LG Email and have no problems with display settings.
  5. It sounded like you'd fixed the kernels but as far as I can tell they are still greyed out!
  6. I had a play this morning, front facing camera worked fine for Gr3 only rear camera seemed to work for Fr19. In the same test the Gr3 was on WiFi and Fr19 over 3G. Edit: The Gr3 was DEFINITELY portrait...
  7. Anyone else having issues with internal and external SD cards with r23? Neither are accessible from my phone. I did not wipe and don't wish to (so will revert to r22 for now) Edit: was ext4 version before someone asks :P
  8. In my experience it's fine to flash updates on top (without wipe) If you run into problems then wipe and try again. If you are changing ROM completely then definitely wipe. Display menu is fine for me... even clicked every option to make sure.
  9. Ok, first off… THANKS! I converted back to EXT3 wiped and flashed, so far so good.First boot took a while (but that’s expected so no problem). I have the 622baseband (regular one) seems to work fine, not completely sure which BB yourecommend. Two things I’ve noticed: Firstly, the HOME and SEARCH buttons do not do anything. Thephone gives a gentle buzz when they are touched but nothing actually happens! Secondly, when trying to add a wifi network (having used thenotification shortcut) the password window closes before I have chance to enterthe password. Going to rebake as I missed a few things off so will see if that helps. Feels dead fast though :) James
  10. Go here > http://www.modaco.com/store/ Choose an option and pay. Go back to the second post in the thread and click on the picture of an oven at the bottom (or select your options then click).
  11. Thanks for the update! I'll stop hitting refresh every couple of hours now :P Have a good holiday.
  12. I've been using CM7 #86 for a week and #77 for the week before and MCR Fr19 for about 3 weeks before that... then CM7 for a few weeks then MCR before that :P While it appears I have no loyalty I actually just want the features of CM7 with the stability of Fr19. CM7 is pretty stable depending on your use - I have no use for the broken bits so don't miss them equally my average use isn't affected by the 'issues' so for me it's pretty stable and fast with good battery life. I'd recommend MCR for your first custom rom, it has great performance and stability (Fr19 not tried Gr1/2) if you notice the difference and are then familiar with the process of rooting, flashing, wiping etc then try CM7 / MIUI. Edit: correcting some English!
  13. Nice idea, even given it it's first rating :) +1 for the logo! Don't know if you'd tested on CM7 but it works fine.
  14. ROMs - think windows/linux/OSX it's bit you interact with on the phone, the operating system. More specifically, android is the operating system but ROMs are variations of android which maybe go faster, are more stable, have more features than the version that came on your phone. kitchens are places people cook ROMs - a utility to configure which apps/settings should be included in their personal ROM. APN- think of this as your phone's internet provider settings if these are not set you can have reception and receive calls but the internet won't work. CWM / clockwork thingies - ClockWorkMod Recovery - is a replacement of your phones recovery section. This improved replacement allows you to install new things on your phone (eg ROMs), wipe the phone, mount the SD card (for access from a computer via USB) and more. New versions are released regularly and they fix problems and add more features. Hopefully that starts to help to make sense of what people are talking about? Some extras that are hot topics right now: BB or Baseband - this is the bit that is in control of your basic reception and phone functions ie call reception and voice quality. RIL - the bit that allows the ROM to talk to the BB. The RIL and BB are usually found in pairs. GB or Gingerbread - android 2.3.4 the latest version of android for smartphones, nice UI update and text selection upgrades, improved battery management. Froyo - android 2.2 the version that comes install on your LG2X, Paul's version (Fr19) works very well but people are generally desperate for a taste of 2.3.4 Disclaimer: I have no technical knowledge about these things... this is simply my understanding simplified and converted to 'plain English'
  15. Was that zip not related to a mistake Paul found which was then fixed? The zip simply saved a rebake. I suggest following jon.m.knight instructions but maybe flashing the Fr19 prebake instead (as that's confirmed as a working rom) Again for clarity: a ) re-flash Fr19 (without wiping) - see if this fixes it. b ) wipe data + cache (+ system if you want to go all out - just don't accidentally hit sdcard like I did) and then flash Fr19 Prebake ------------------------------------------------------------ If that's really foreign language you will be better off just wiping the phone as airchie suggests. If you can't access settings then you can turn your phone off. Then holding both the vol down + Power buttons your phone will start in recovery mode, if you don't know what this is you'll have the standard one which automatically wipes your phone and restarts. This should allow you to access your settings again but the phone will be as new (empty) you might want to write down what apps you have installed for example. Edit: added second part.
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