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  1. I've been using R5 for 2 day (just switched over from Infusion). I updated to R6 this evening and seem to have lost network access (cannot receive calls). I have done a factory reset, wiped the cache and the dalvik cash prior to flashing the R6 zip and gapps and ensured the MD5 for the R6 is correct. Still nothing ??? I've switched back to R5 for the moment though I thought I should post to let the devs know although I understand this is useless without a logcat - does someone want to link me to instructions on what to do?
  2. I've been having some problems for the last hour-ish. Running Infusion B05 (hadn't got round to updating to 06 yet) for a few weeks now and has been, in the main, brilliant. A few random reboots here and there but generally stable. As of yesterday, I was looking at the twitter app then the phone froze with me unable to press any buttons/the touchscreen. I pulled the battery and it appeared to resolve the issue. However I work up this morning and none of the buttons were responding. This time, the battery pull does not rectify the situation. When I boot the phone boots & loads my homescreen but then freezes after ~15 secs and no buttons will respond. So I thought I'd just nandroid backup then try and fiddle around trying to fix it. However: In Clockwork mod recovery v4.0.1.5 the backup process hangs at 'Backing up system'. My SD card has 3037MB free so I figure its got the space. Why is it hanging? If i pull battery and mount the SD cards, the backup folders left on the SD are all 8MB in size :s It's not the end of the world if I have to fresh install, however it would be nice to get a backup. Any ideas on why this is happening/how to resolve? Ideal situation: I can get into the phone and backup SMS through SMS Backup & Restore, Apps backed up through Go Backup Secondary situation: I can get a Nandroid backup and extract my data from there using an app like Titanium Backup Pro Last resort: Format and reflash :-/ EDIT: UPDATE: Looks like it was the SD card messing around. Used a spare SD to do all the backups then wiped the original SD. Sorted. Gah I hate tech sometimes!
  3. Yeah that was it, thanks. I did search, I promise! Just didn't think to look on the front page. Also wow, B03 Infusion is really quick
  4. Hi all, I'm currently running infusion ics. In the main its pretty smooth. Yesterday i downloaded isyncr to sync music over wifi. I'm having trouble getting the app to see my external sd card. Currently the internal card mounts as sd1 on astro file manager with the external card as sd2. Is there any way I can stop the internal card from mounting? Or From being seen as an sd card? As far as I know there is no way of choosing between sd cards on isyncr. Does anyone have any ideas? Are there any roms without this split? Thanks in advance for any help!
  5. Sorry, what music app is that? I love my mixzing fullscreen widget, but that one might just be nicer!
  6. After a couple of days of heavy reading I can see now that I was quite naive on how to approach this! I needed to understand how adb works and the utilities available to help me do this. Thanks for the tips but I have now come to the conclusion that I'm not going to be able to do this. I've manager to extract a nandroid backup from the blade - then extract the data.img from this backup using unyaffs to get to the mmssms.db database (which stores the sms data). I first tried to use super manager to overwrite the db on my Huawei - this didn't work the first time - the sms app stayed blank. Then I tried overwriting the telephony.db too however this made the Huawei fail to load (boot screen just kept playing). Then I downloaded an SQLite browser and found that both of these databases are seemingly empty. I have no idea why this would be the case. I've googled extensively and can't work out why this would have happened - the last time the phone was on the SMS db was definitely intact and the messaging app was working fully. If this would have populated in Sqlite browser I'd feel comfortable in attempting to put it into a format that I can push to the Huawei. In an ideal world - this would have been visible in SQlite and I'd have just pushed it to the Huawei and I'd have been done! Is there a reason why this would not be visible? The databases file in \data\data\com.android.providers.telephony\databases is accompanied by mmssms.db-shm, mmssms.db-wal these files were not mentioned in a lot of guides I looked at. What are they? Finally if I could only get USB debugging enabled I'd be home and dry using [email protected] But I can't for the life of me remember what the menu looked like on my rom to allow me to blind click it on. I've done some detailled searching but it seems unless debugging is enabled you can't get into the phone to toggle the usb on/off. Therefore this option is closed. In an ideal world I'd have USB debugging enabled and an SMS backup + restore would have been easy with [email protected] The only other option was to edit settings.db to toggle usb on and reflash the rom but I can't work out how I'd go about this and I'm not sure it's worth any more of my time to recover old smss! Another thought was using the virtual android emulator to trigger an sms backup and restore - but again I couldn't work out how to go about this. Thanks once again, but unless anyone has any final ideas I'm giving up!
  7. Ahh I've just realised my nandroid backup was incomplete. I have now extracted the image to my pc and have attempted to restore using this guide http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1370349&page=2 but it's still not worked. Any ideas on what the problem Could be and how is might solve it? I guess it's cause I'm coming from CM7. I may try editing and reflashing to attempt to get Ian debugging to work then I'm done!
  8. I took that phone back just now. The demo phone and the one i received as a replacement didn't make the clicking noise - glad i made the effort to return it! :)
  9. I haven't got a blob on the screen but have got a noticeable clicking just below halfway on the right edge of the screen. Possibly due to an ill fitting digitizer? I bought it yesterday from a Vodafone store. anyone else had this issue? Did you return it to see store? Were there any problems with a rooted device? I've used the unroot option on the superuser app - should this be ok?
  10. Thanks for all the useful replies, still not quite there and beginning to think about giving up. I don't have usd debugging enabled on the blade which is restricting my options. I believe that if I had it enabled I could get an img through fast boot and then use unyaffs to extract the data (I've seen a post regarding this here http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1370349). Or I could indeed use a display option as suggested by flshg (I found one on. Youtube http://www.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DQtB36BTllwY&ei=-_GyT6fRIIiH8gOCr5imCQ&usg=AFQjCNGggEsyIATMdVZuPf2SpVGlp9Ui1Q) but this doesn't see the device when it's booted normally And I presume this is because debugging is not activated. Though the viewer program does see the device when in clockwork recovery it cannot display a screenshot. The app I posted above has compatibility issues with cm7 (due to the structure of the cm database apparently) and thus didn't work. I have managed to do a nandroid back up but thus far don't know how to extract the data i need. I either need to: Be able to extract the SMS data from the backup (unlikely due to the database issues with cm) Be able to turn USB debugging on (I've tried guessin where the option would be settings/applications/development/USB debugging but I don't know the structure of the menu and so may be pressing in the wrong place - I've been comparing it to my huawei running a stock rom so no surprises it didn't work! Or Give up? After all I have a back up from August 2011 through sms b&r it would be 8 months of stuff lost but none of it is too important. Just annoying that I can't transfer it!
  11. Cheers Shmizan - I feel this would be a long way round? And sadly I'm not all that competent at using a command line interface Is this app going to solve my issues? https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.handyandy.appextractor If I can get a nandroid backup this app will then extract data from the messaging app included on the nandroid backup from the blade and restore it on the Huawei? Or am I dreaming?
  12. Thanks again. I figured I may be able to do that - I was thinking that If I could mount /data - I may be able to extract the SMS data base - put it in an XML which SMS backup & restore can use - then use the app to update my new phone. Problem is - I can't seem to negotiate the menu to allow this to happen. My blade is currently without a sim and a memory card. I have: Powered on the phone holding down on the vol button Pressed down on the volume 6 times to get to mounts & storage Pressed home Pressed home again Should this work? Or have I got the command wrong? My PC doesn't pick anything up after this. The computer shows drivers installing but nothing actually mounts
  13. Thanks for your reply! Mounting the SD isn't a problem - I can do that from the Huawei. Is there any way to mount the internal storage? Or use a program to extract the external storage? Then use some software to pull the messages out? I think you're saying that I'd nandroid backup using CMR then restore on another blade and thus my messages would be preserved? Is there no way to do this on another phone/on a computer?
  14. Hey I've just spent ~ 30mins searching for solutions but not really got anywhere so I'm going to have to make a topic, sorry! My blade packed up yesterday - the screen has broken (not the digitizer) and shows a mainly black screen with a few bits of colour. I need a phone so I've gone out and picked up the Huawei Ascend G300 for a reasonable price from Vodafone UK. Now it's been a while since I backed up my blade - I'm just wondering what I can do to transfer my data? I'm running (was running? :( ) Cyanogenmod7 nightly ~73 Gingerbread (I think) for the blade. I was happy with this build and so I stuck with it. I have Clockworkmod recovery installed along with the apps Titanium backup & restore and SMS backup and restore. I think all my contacts are synced to my google account (hope so anyway!). I think ideally I'll mirror my blade on the Huawei. However I think the only things I really want to grab from my blade are the SMS/MMS messages & contacts. The remaining stuff apps etc is not too important. All photos are on my SD card - I imagine the messages are on the device itself? What can I do to get this? Is there a way of running apps from my computer? (sounds ridiculous, probably not possible). Can I use a nandroid backup through CMR to produce an image of my phone to take to the Huawei? (Probably also ridiculous as they are different devices & different roms - though both running Gingerbread). Many thanks for any help on this!
  15. Hi I've got widgetsoid installed on Swedish Spring RLS5 with a clock widget on my homescreen which i can click to take me to kaloer clock (my alarm clock). However, as of a couple of days ago, the clock stops at seemingly random times and then refreshes later on. I am also using widgetlocker for my lock screen, and I use another clock widget on the lockscreen which runs fine. I've been using the 2 for a couple of weeks, but the widgetsoid clock stop only seems to have occurred in the last couple of days. How do I go about debugging this? Cheers
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