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    Samsung Galaxy S 2
  1. EvilMonkeySlayer

    Rooting the SGS2

    What issues? Anyway, i'm still getting the hang of it. (i've now got two phones, my work iphone and the SGS2 which is my personal phone) All i've really done is replace samsungs launcher with Go Launcher Ex and installed a few apps. I've only had the phone since Monday and for most of this week I've not really used it because I've been sick. So i'm not that familiar with any prioblems.
  2. EvilMonkeySlayer

    Rooting the SGS2

    I bought my first android phone this week (woo!), it's not my first android device (got an advent vega with honeycomb on it). I'm wanting to install either AdAway or Adfree Android. But they require root, if I root my SGS2 will it void in the warranty in the sense of flashing a flag on the phone itself that can't be undone? If something happens to this phone that isn't my fault (like a hardware fault for example) I really don't want to be screwed on the warranty just because I wanted root to be able to use adblock essentially. I have zero interest flashing a new rom on here, i'm perfectly happy waiting for the ICS update in the new year.
  3. EvilMonkeySlayer

    [ROM] VegaComb 3.2 - by TeamNewCo and TeamVillain

    Flash is not working on beta4 correct? Once it is I'm flashing this sucker onto mine. :P
  4. EvilMonkeySlayer

    Touch sensitivity

    Is there a way to tweak the touch sensitivity of the screen? Using CM7 and sometimes it seems overly sensitive, like if I'm holding my finger on the screen it will jitter around slightly. (doing the same on an iphone or ipad screen it stays exactly still)
  5. EvilMonkeySlayer


    Aha, well. I think once the honeycomb builds stabilise with wifi etc I'll probably switch to that anyway. As a side note, any of you guys notice a sort of static effect on the screen when it's updating? (most noticeable with video, I've only really noticed it on CM7 since I flashed the vega to CM7 as fast as I could without really using the other roms) It's like essentially a single pixel in height and about five or ten pixels across and appears randomly on the screen when scrolling or when video is playing. It isn't very noticeable when scrolling or updating the screen using say Opera. But is noticeable when playing video through say flash for example. (like bbc news or through the iplayer app)
  6. EvilMonkeySlayer


    Has anyone installed CM7 and tried removing the phone bits and pieces? I booted into recovery and tried applying the vega-phone-removal.zip file but it didn't seem to change anything after reboot. Am I doing something wrong? EDIT: Just a way to hide the damn signal strength icon would be enough, it's bugging the hell out of me.
  7. EvilMonkeySlayer

    Buying this tomorrow

    Right, so installed rom manager. The first option is "flash clockworkmod recovery", I assume it is a good idea to run that so I can then put CM7 on?
  8. EvilMonkeySlayer

    Buying this tomorrow

    Ok, now wtf.. I was looking through the apps and saw "Recovery" pressed on it, device rebooted and it is stuck at an image on the screen with a box and an arrow pointing to the green android image. EDIT: Powered it off then back on. And back to working.
  9. EvilMonkeySlayer

    Buying this tomorrow

    So, is it just best to go with this and from there install CM7? I haven't seen any description of what adb even is, I'm assuming maybe it's the android sdk? EDIT: Ok, I got it. Just a bit poorly worded about the driver is included with the r8 download. It's doing its thing now.
  10. EvilMonkeySlayer

    Buying this tomorrow

    At the moment i'm just needing to know what I need to do in order to get CM7 on there. I've definitely experienced this double tap issue, annoying as hell.
  11. EvilMonkeySlayer

    Buying this tomorrow

    So, how do I install CM7? Do I have to root it as described here? Or should I be doing something like what is mentioned with the modaco thing where I enable usb debugging etc?
  12. EvilMonkeySlayer

    Buying this tomorrow

    Right, so Cyanogenmod 7 is the best firmware to use? (no stable available that I can find) But unlike the Modaco one you can't get the google apps right? Do I have to hunt them down or something? Bought the vega and messing with it now.
  13. EvilMonkeySlayer

    Buying this tomorrow

    Hi guys, I'm buying this tomorrow in town. (probably nip into pcworld) I read about two different screens or something and some "double tap" issue? Whatever that is. (can someone explain this to me?) Should I upgrade to the official 1.09 and then get the modaco firmware, or simply go straight to the modaco firmware? Thanks

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