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  1. The point of this tutorial is to install clock work mode recovery. Once you did this, the exclamation mark will never show up again while booting into recovery mode. Instead, clockwork mode will launch. from this same clockwork mode, you will be able to install any rom you like, especially the english one, without chinese apk market and all the other inconvenience that make your transformer useless right now. I you prefer gtalk or email or whatever for more help, DM me on twitter : @CLU883r cheers
  2. I flashed mine a long time ago using this method : http://androidroot.mobi/asus-eee-pad-trans...t-cwm-recovery/ Be sure to have a micro sd card in the slot and it's easy to do. If you live in Shanghai, I can even do it for you within 5 minutes.
  3. Find out the way of using MoDaCo rom by putting the CWM from the other CWM website. A lot more complicated than Paul's file but it worked. http://androidroot.mobi/asus-eee-pad-trans...t-cwm-recovery/
  4. Like some posters here, clockworkmod will only show me the android bot with a tie and the exclamation mark. I'm so frustrated I can't use my transformer right now. I'm a foreigner living in China and here, the stock image come without Gmail/Gtalk/Android Market apps. Since my build number is a CN one I can't upgrade to another official FW from Asus. I'm really counting on the clockworkmod brought by Paul to flash MoDaCo Custom ROM. Thank you very much for the good work !

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