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  1. Hey guys, I'm running CM9.1 on my blade (Android 4.0.4) and the app doesn't work. It installs fine, but when I launch it, I just get a "Unfortunately, FM Radio has stopped." message. I've tried every version available on the download site, same happens. I've tried restarting the phone, clearing cache and all that, nothing helps. Am I doing something wrong or is this simply not supposed to work with this ROM? Is there any other FM Radio app that could work? I'd love to have some music/podcasts and the internet connection is a bit sketchy here.
  2. I tried doing that via Astro File Manager, but I just get "Error deleting files". Is there any other way around Voice Actions not working?
  3. So Linaro has been released, it reportedly speeds up any Android ROM by some 30%. Are there any plans on using that for ZTE Blade ROMs in the future?
  4. Hey guys, I'm having a freeze problem here, using CM 9-20120331-NIGHTLY-blade. Basically, I try to launch an app, then the screen animation happens (where the home screen slides away) and it just freezes. Happens with Stopwatch & Timer app, as well as with Settings. Looks like THIS. I've tried rebooting many times, wiping cache and all that, nothing helps. Doesn't happen all the time, though. Only sometimes, but often enough to be very annoying. What should I do? Is anyone else having similar problem?
  5. Ah sorry, stupid me, I somehow forgot about that. I installed that Blade TPT thing and now everything is working brilliantly, thanks for this ROM.
  6. So I went with the instructions, formatted everything, installed the ROM and that video patch, rebooted the phone and it just gets stuck on that initial boot screen, blue Android guy with blue stuff flying around. It's been sitting like that for well over half an hour. I tried repeating the whole thing, wiping/formatting and reinstalling, but same happens. What could be the problem?
  7. Airazz

    I need a PC Tablet

    iPad might have good quality, but it's not very customizable. Check out the new Nook tablet, it's powerful and quite a bit cheaper than iPad, price is somewhere around $250.
  8. Airazz

    budget tablet

    That one looks to be from www.dealextreme.com, quality is really questionable. You better ask someone from US to send you Kindle Fire, it fits your price range and has great quality.
  9. Airazz

    Kindle Fire to get UK release date?

    Well, Fire is out in US and seems like it can be easily rooted, so hooray for that. I wonder if it's possible for us to get one from US now somehow? It would probably be a great device for general tablet-oriented tasks?
  10. Well, since ICS has been officially launched in Hong Kong by Samsung, what are the possibilities of getting it on Blade?
  11. Notch won't do it, it would take too much time. Also, mobile version needs multitouch, which Blade doesn't really have.
  12. Airazz

    Is my Blade getting too hot?

    I run mine at 600MHz (using Ginger Stir Fry ROM, which is not overclockable) and the top half of my phone (where processor is?) gets pretty darn hot. I usually remove the silicon case to improve the heat dissipation when playing games.
  13. I've just flashed the new Ginger Stir Fry and damn it's fast. It's not overclockable, but at stock speed (600MHz) by blade is much faster than it used to be on any other speed with FLB-Froyo. I think I like it :) There's just one thing I don't like, it's the fact that power control buttons disappeared from the slide-down notification menu. That used to be a handy feature.
  14. I'm having a slight problem here. I currently have FLB Froyo installed. I extracted the .zip file in the SD card as per instructions, checked with AFV, everything seems fine. I turn phone off, wait a bit, then press Vol+ and Power, phone turns on as normal, with FLB Froyo running. Tried Vol+, Power and Menu, same happens. What could be the problem? I have installed latest clockwork, if that matters. Edit: Nvm, suddenly it decided to start working.
  15. I've been using FLB for quite a while (a month or more) and I've started experiencing annoying crash-freezes. Often the only way to fix is to remove the battery, then turn on the phone, turn it normally, then turn on again. Sometimes it happens two or three times per day, while other times everything works fine for a few days. It's starting to get annoying. I have Gen1 TFT Blade. Should I just get SS if all I want is a stable and normal ROM with all basic features working properly?

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