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  1. If anyone could help.. I have S2E installed, and tried to update an app on market ( swiftkey ) and it says insufficient storage available, but I have DATA : Free 42MB, and SD-EXT: Free 276MB .. dang :/ I know it doesn't have nothing to do with this ROM , but maybe someone has some ideas here.. thanks
  2. Hey guys.. weird stuff happening.. I use quickpic for gallery, but this happens on gallery also.. when I open a picture it shows for a second, then all black.. And when I share it to instagram to make a post, it acts weird.. anyone else experiencing this? or maybe is it just because of the app that I use for gallery?
  3. I used S2E on CM7 to have apps on /sd-ext .. is this the way to do it here also? thanks
  4. you mean g510? http://shop.vodafone.co.uk/shop/mobile-phone/huawei-ascend-g510-black-paym
  5. damn.. sorry.. you're right.. I was expecting gmaps, gmail.. this is a mini gapps.. carry on :)!!
  6. Thanks, I did what you suggested.. And when installing the ROM again.. "... installing extras not enough space for extras. Skipping... Install from sdcard complete." And still, no gapps :S, even though is says installation was made correctly... Sorry bothering you with this.. if you prefer I can send you PM, maybe in Portuguese?
  7. yeah.. I thought I had.. just wanted to confirm.. Install ROM again? No other solution? I already installed the apps I need and all that stuff.. i'll do it, just want to make sure there isn't another solution to get the gapps working.. thanks for your time..
  8. Here it is. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/2253656/Screenshot_2013-04-14-21-36-22.png
  9. no problem.. it's ok as it is! But... one thing.. I installed the mini gapps right after installing the ROM, and I only noticed now that they didn't install after all :S ... I am almost sure that on recovery screen it showed me that everything went well... should I install them again?
  10. I'm with you.. I don't want a phone bigger than 4" right now.. One I reallyt liked, but it goes out of budget is Sony Xperia P, looks gorgeaus, and everything I needed.. something along those lines but chepaer and I would be sold..
  11. awesome work jventura.. I was ready to give up my ZTE to buy another terminal, but nothing gets my attention for an affordable price right now.. I don't want a phone bigger than 4" .. My ZTE just got new life, awesome :) Just one thing, and really small.. I had CM7, and the default led was green : missed call, red: missed SMS .. now it's the opposite.. is there any settings for this? It's no big deal really.. Just something i was accostumed too.. Congrats
  12. So.. I saw on some other page someone with SS and the answer was : You won't need to TPT as your system partition is by far large enough! I would recommend doing a nandroid backup and then you just need to wipe data/factory reset (I also format /system but I don't think it's required) and then flash the zip file as normal like you did with SS http://www.modaco.com/topic/355059-romgen233110-cyanogenmod-9-konstakang-android-404/page__st__40 So No TPT needed for me, I should just wipe everything and flash zip as normal like I did with SS? Sorry for so many questions.. I flashed some roms a long time ago, and now I'm just trying to get a stable rom because with Moldovan and SS my phone was like 90% of the time awake..
  13. yes.. system and cache seem fine.. it's the smaller data that I'm not sure will be ok.. Thanks for your reply! EDIT : just installed "blade checker" and here's the result.. European Blade ( 512 RAM ) detected TPT Upgraded Gen 2 Phone detected Use Gen 1 style TPTs Current partition sizes : System : 160 MB Data : 294 MB Cache : 2 MB
  14. That's what i'm not sure of.. Is a partition size needed to install this rom, and then another partition size for the rollback to SS? So.. Forgot to say.. yesterday tried CM 7 .. that's the rom I have now.. I have a Gen2 European Blade and the phone specs are like this now : System : 160MB Data : 294 MB Cache : 2MB Ext : 473 MB Need to partition? or just flash com zip all the way?
  15. I have SS .. wanted to try this.. how easy it is to go back to SS if I find problems on this one? Restoring a Nan backup is enough?

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