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  1. Surely it's quite simple... If you don't like it, don't read it! I for one quite like reading the trials and tribulations that Daz has to go through to make this working rom. I'm sure it will move to a release thread once a usable rom is released?
  2. I've just got a note 2, but I'm keeping the g300 as a spare, so if you need anything testing or want to give me instructions to try and replicate the wifi crash then let me know.
  3. I Just had the following message from Huawei UK come up in my Facebook feed: "As part of our commitment to our customers who have decided to become one of the first Huawei Device owners in the UK, we are working to ensure that all handsets we offer are high quality. We are currently reviewing the ICS upgrade closely with Vodafone for the Ascend G 300 and we are working to address this as soon as possible. We would like to assure everyone that an ICS upgrade is currently undergoing thorough testing and we will be advising when this is available for download. We’re sorry we can’t be more specific, but we have been monitoring and logging all of your comments here and thank you for your feedback; it isn’t going unnoticed." See post here: https://www.facebook.com/huaweideviceuk
  4. The font changer hasn't worked for me in the past, as it has reported an update was available in the store. I used another root font changer which worked a charm. (I'm a big fan of the ubuntu font)
  5. As a workaround until the above contact issue is fixed, you can login to google.co.uk/contacts and edit any info. This should then sync with your device.
  6. @Tillaz My old Galaxy S2 (god rest it's soul) had a convenient feature where a long press on the menu button would behave the same as pressing the search button. I find myself still doing this (e.g when searching for an app in the market). Is it feasible to add this to Infusion? No worries if not, just thought it would be a nice add on to a most impressive rom!
  7. Press and hold the home button, and swiping left to right will close apps left open in the background. Android is designed to close applications if it is running short on memory, but it's unlikely that it will close the phone/dialer process.
  8. Hi guys, I've just got a new phone and can't be bothered to read any threads in this forum at all. I'd much rather leech off the forum and ask someone else to do all the reading for me and explain how to do it. I'll probably blame someone else if it all goes wrong, but please tell me how to get to ics. Thanks.
  9. When it's ready, it's ready. If you REALLY want JellyBean with a working camera, buy a device shipped with JellyBean. Until then, wait and be patient like everyone else.
  10. Hi Tillaz, I'm trying to get a logcat for this rom, but going back through the previous posts, it appears that you disabled it in this rom? I believe that stock has to be flashed for it to be enabled *#*#...#*#*, but was wondering if it would have to be enabled using an update.app file, or whether I can flash one of the CWM repack zips of stock and enable it here? Also, having enabled through stock, will I be able to restore a nandroid, or will this overwrite the logcat settings? EDIT: 1 last thing I forgot to ask, is this kernel or rom dependent? ie if I flash an overclock kernel, should I be able to enable logging?
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