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  1. Hi, Ive just installed this ROM, but when I try and set-up Titanium Backup, I keep getting this message: "Sorry i could not acquire root privileges" Now, TB worked fine with Swedish Snow RLS7, so why not with this ROM? (Which is a shame as it's very fast!) Can anyone help me? Many thanks in advance : )
  2. Hi everyone, I have installed the MMHMP ROM, and it seems pretty good (The GPS side works well) On the down side, the battery usage is brutal! Is there anyway to sort this? I've heard something about an "undervolted kernel"? How do you install this? (Do you have to re-install the ROM?) EDIT: I've also been having problems with screen inputs being very slow (texting etc) Is there a way of re-calibrating the screen? Many thanks ; )
  3. Hi everyone, I'm currently running Blade Mix 360 on my Blade at the moment, but I'm having problems with my Google Maps not syncing to a signal and development of the ROM has stalled a bit (Although, it's still a good ROM, mind) As I need a decent GPS signal (and stability!) at all times, what's the best all-round ROM out there at the moment? Many thanks in advance Saint : )
  4. I too am having problems with the GPS side of the ROM (As it doesn't work for me at all ATM) I need a working ROM, as my Mum's ill in hospital, and a non-working phone is not an option. If this ROM isn't being developed anymore, what the best (and most stable) ROM to go for, on a GEN2 phone? EDIT: Thanks to Fallen Angel for all of his hard work : )
  5. Thanks, but I'll wait until you work your magic, and add the script to the next ROM! When will it be available by the way? What do you mean by "lose the screen of animation"?
  6. How do you put the script in "system/etc/init.d/" using File Manager, Angel? Sorry for the daft question, and cheers again for all your hard work :)
  7. Cheers for the quick update, Angel. Is there a quick way of installing the newer ROM, without having to uninstall everything? (And then reinstall all programs from a Titanum Backup.........)
  8. In the next version of the ROM, would it be possible to have green coloured icons (and background) on it? As I have a "Blade" screen protector with the green Android logo, and a green Android logo on the back of the phone as well (transfer) If it isn't possible, how easy is it to install a theme? Cheers : )
  9. I can't wait for the next release, Angel. If the improvements you are planning do work, then this ROM will be a world beater! Cheers : )
  10. Just a little bit more feedback for you, Angel. When I type a message on the "Blade Mix 2.2 With Normal Icons And ZTE Contacts/Dialer(to fix the Proximity issue)" ROM, the keyboard seems to "lag" a bit (takes a while for the text to appear on the screen) And when I go into my apps, and turn the phone, all of the icons bunch up in the left hand corner of the screen, until I scroll down using my finger. And when I finish a call, I still can't just press the end call button when I remove the phone from my ear, as the screen doesn't light up. Hope this info helps you with the next ROM :) <BR itxtNodeId="154">
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