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    HELP: Touch screen won't work at all!

    ive recently started having this problem aswell, i press one key on the keyboard and a bunch of random letters come up! First started when i was using MokeeOS v1.10 and now with AOKP CM9 rom. Cant think for the life of me what it could possibly be
  2. This is the best rom for the skate so far! Only one problem though, flash wont work on it. I have installed it on 2 devices, but it still wont work, so does anyone know what the problem is?
  3. This is awesome, nice work man! but just noticed that when you hold the power button, the options have the wrong names... im sure i can live with it ha!
  4. Im sure im probably the only one, but has anyone else been in the situation where all the steps have been completed and the phone HASN'T unlocked?? Im totally confused as to why this is, because the flasher seems to think that it completed the job successfully! anyone out there with suggestions or that can help please?
  5. im guessing because theres an issue with my computer? definately not because im being stupid anyway! i couldnt do it with windows when i rooted it either, only with linux
  6. can anyone tell me how i can get a .sh file so that I can flash the stock recovery using linux. This is my last attempt before I bin the omc as i cant unlock it using windows!
  7. I have tried this and it still doesn't work, now it doesn't even goto the green android, all it says is waiting for device. and I cannot flash to stock recovery in linux because there are no file for linux i.e. install-recovery-linux.sh etc.
  8. Is there any chance that someone can make this possible through linux? As I am having the same problems as when I wanted to root the phone, where it says 'waiting for device' and nothing happens no matter what i try. My computer seems adamant not to want to do anything through windows...
  9. Thanks alot for that, ive got it working now
  10. Any idea why when I enter ./install-superboot-linux.sh i get a message 'No such file or directory'? this is really starting to annoy me, i cant get it to root no matter what method I try!

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