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  1. Well, from the Cyanogenmod website. http://download.cyanogenmod.org/?type=nightly&device=skate
  2. Thanks. I use a fresh nightly with S3 kernel. Everything is working. :)
  3. You should switch on (Beállítások - Rendszer - Pie control), bár szerintem semmire sem jó, csak móka...
  4. ...Still have battery drain. If I do not use phone at all, it losses power in one day.
  5. No, I did not tried yet... This one is working well on my Blade even on Android 2.3.5-7 or 4.0-1-2. :)
  6. Download to PC this link http://d-h.st/Otj . This is a small zip. First at all make an apropriate ext2 partition on Your SD card, it should be max. 1 or 2 GB. Copy the rom, the GAPPS, and Chronmod zip to SD card. After this do a clean install of the rom and GAPPS: 1. Wipe data/factory reset. 2. Format boot, format system. 3. Wipe Dalwik cache. Install the rom, after the GAPPS, and last the Chronmod zip. Reboot and enjoy :)
  7. After clean install everythig works fine. :D First I installed the rom and GAPPS, and after Chronmod script. I have 1 GB internal memory ;)
  8. It seems to me I have WIFI connection-, and speed problems... Still trying... After a reboot the phone forgot every presets, I think I do a clean install, not the upgrade.
  9. Thanks, but in plain Nightly there is no: ----new S3 kernel --- CPU Governors revised --- new CPU Governor - SmartassH3 --- some memory and file handle leak fixes So I insist rather C3CO`s work...
  10. Dear C3C0, I`d like to ask You, would You make a "refreshed" version of this excellent rom...? I do not knox exactly are there any important changes in CM or in kernel, but I insist very much to this rom, because everything works well and rapidly. If You make a fresh version in the near future I will try to do a clean install with Cronmod script. Is it good idea...?
  11. I made a cache wipe, a Dalwik cache wipe and after then I flashed the rom 4.2.2. It works as well as the previous one 4.2.1. I do not know what is the difference but thank You KonstaT, excellent work.
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