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  1. Darren Richards

    #askmodaco - the HTC One X+

    Is it true that it won't come with LTE in Europe? Apparently need to get the One XL if we want a One X device with LTE.
  2. I had the location issue but only with WiFi networks, I got my location fine through GPS. I use Navigation all the time and works fine for me.
  3. Hi Paul. Did you manage to sort out the signal representation issue? Want to re-bake a ROM and was wondering if this had been rectified before I did it. Thanks :D
  4. Installed the new experimental mods and seems to be working fine. I have had a FC on the Google messaging app but that's about it. My main problem is that my signal strength doesn't go beyond 2 bars ever! I don't know if this is just a visual thing but no matter where I am it doesn't go beyond the first 2 bars. Any ideas as to why this is or how I can fix it? Thanks.
  5. Great work. My first bake has worked wonderfully, no issues except those mentioned with the ICS lock screen needing to be unlocked when receiving a call, but I am going to bake a new ROM with this removed. So far everything is working well together and it is great to be rid of some bloat and have more vanilla ICS look and feel. Thanks again Paul :D
  6. Darren Richards

    Wifi problem on Vega

    I had this problem. Read all posts and tried everything. People suggested it is the router, others say the tablet itself. All I know is that when I swapped my original Vega with the problem the new one connected without any problems.

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