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  1. 60fps, I don't know if is possible for our hardware, but, some improvements we will see, probably.
  2. Yes 96frozen, I know. I'm asking if anyone will try or have tried a successfully 3.x kernel port for Blade. I know the 3.x kernel don't bring nothing new than the kernel we have, but will fix the V-Sync and perhaps something more, or not.
  3. Good to see anyone continue the best rom atm for Blade. Great work. Btw, what about the Project Butter, any hope?
  4. Really? The z4root is detect as malware, the Universal Androot the same, some files to fastboot the same, etc. Files as batchs, executables, Java files, perl files, development projects, etc, that use exploits or something that try to bypass the security or important files from system, is detected as malware. The application might not even have anything bad, but just simply have something that can be used to bad ends. If you can try, scan the z4root apk in the mobile or even on the PC with some good antivirus, you will see, the software will detect malware, and in fact, the app don't have nothing bad, simply have a exploit that bypass the system to give root permissions, or something like that.
  5. Perhaps for Blade, but, if you search, you'll find good feedback about this patch. But, as always, you will find bad feedback and information about placebo effect. You, better than any other normal user, know that the same device do not works the same way, and not all have the same results or problems. I have tried the patch and show some improvements namely with the facebook app and the Play Store. I will try the new version to see what happens. Some users with Blade using AOKP Remix, say the Linaro give really good performance, I really don't see any (maybe because the rom uses an old version), but, it's me, not mean that others do not see improvements.
  6. To use the patch, needs first compile the binaries with the rom and realise if exist real improvements or not with several tests. The KonstaT or someone can compile a extra build with the binaries and the people can test... I guess all will test. For example, you can compile a build ;)
  7. Mettafox

    NenaMark Benchmark

    ROM: CM10 27/12 KonstaKang OC: 710MHz Smartass v2 Result: 33,4 fps OC: 729MHz Smartass v2 Result: 34 fps OC: 600 Smartass v2 Result: 32,7 fps ------------------------------- OC: 710MHz Ondemand Result: 33,3 fps OC: 729MHz Ondemand Result: 33,6 fps OC: 600 Ondemand Result: 32,6 fps
  8. The most or even all ADB scripts, root scripts, fastboot scripts, are recognized as vírus because they crack securities or require special permissions, and if you know how the antivirus work, they block all that can compromise the system, security system and the user.
  9. I guess is impossible... ICS roms gives 60 ~ 62 fps too. So, this app, gives wrong information.
  10. Great work jventura... Your rom is great, but, can you add other I/O Scheduler, like SIO? Noop is good, but SIO is better for a better and smooth UI. Thanks :D
  11. I move all options, Applications, Private Applications, Dalvik Cache, less Application Data, because causes instability. Is secure move Application Data with all options selected?
  12. Why Application Data on S2E causes problems in the rom? When I move Application Data to sd-ext, always the apps give FC's, infinite loops, rom and apps slowness, etc.
  13. Yes, I'm still using the 16.11 build plus YT HQ patch with some tweaks for better performance and UI smoothness. Works very well.
  14. Look for my comment about the subject a few pages ago. You will find the link with your answer.
  15. Wait for the new Android version. Google already talked about this subject, and, by what they said, a new version will be coming very soon, known as Major Version.

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