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  1. I'm in Helmshore and reception is generally fine. I've still got the OSD, I was about to look at something else because the GPS had stopped working but there was an update last week that has fixed it! stu
  2. I wasn't rooted. I was planning on rooting so I could get this to work, just hadn't got 'round to it yet. Saved me a job, and it seems to work as I've just tested it in part of the house with no signal.
  3. Just downloaded an 11mb system update OTA - only difference I can tell is that I've now got Signal Boost which is nice. Stu.
  4. Ok, so I need to install the new tool. What do I about the old one, just delete the folder from c:? I'm presuming I don't need to bother with the backup file as I've never actually used it for anything with this phone? Is it ok to leave the Intel drivers as they are or do they need to be installed after the aio tool?
  5. No, not rooted. The phone is stock Orange ICS as it was when it was returned to me following it's repair. Sounds like I need to start from the beginning but I'm not sure how? Thanks, Stu.
  6. Can't get this to install. I've not tried anything like this since I last tried to re-install Orange ICS when my screen started flickering after the update in November. I've got the Intel drivers installed properly along with the tool that Ricky had developed at the beginning of November. Any ideas what I should do? Delete Orange folder and download the new AIO tool? Ta, Stu.
  7. It seems that since Orange became EE they've restricted this functionality to certain tarifs. I'm running a very old tarif with the £5 data bundle - I used to be able to tether but I can't anymore. My brother-in-law can't tether his Nexus 4 anymore either but my wife can with her HTC One S on a more expensive contract. Check on the website and they now want £1/day to enable this if you don't have it, and that doesn't included the data you use. Pretty annoying if you ask me.
  8. I'd really like to try this as I get a pretty variable reception at home. I've downloaded the above files and installed the app but it ain't working. I'm presuming I need to install the other files but I don't know how, could someone explain as long as it's not too complex? Ta, Stu.
  9. It's back for a 2nd time and this time it is fixed. New motherboard apparently.
  10. Sent the phone back a couple of weeks ago through my local EE store. Pleasantly surprised when I was called 9 days later to say it was back. Thought I'd better test it in store before leaving - still flickering. Idiots. It's now gone back for a 2nd time.
  11. Managed it using the manual method. Alas, still flickering. Guess I'm going to have to send it back, unless anyone has other suggestions? Draining.
  12. So I've tried reinstalling directly from USB and it doesn't seem to have done anything. It looked like it was with the Android man and a green progress bar for a few minutes but when it re-booted it was clearly the same - and still flickering! Think I'll have to try the tool method next.
  13. Cheers. Presumably that also applies if you're using the tool to do it when you move the update into the orange folder in the tool?
  14. As I'm still struggling with the all in one tool method I thought I'd explore this option. It doesn't see any update unless I rename the Orange ICS update that I've downloaded to update.zip. Then it looks like it will work. Is this what I'm supposed to do as I didn't see that mentioned in any of the instructions?
  15. Sorry to ask more questions but I'm still struggling with this and need more clarification of the instructions. So far I've got the tool installed on my laptop and have moved the ICS update.zip to the Orange folder. I've downloaded and installed the Intel drivers on my laptop and disabled USB debugging on my phone. When I connect the phone it is being seen by Windows7 as a media device with 10.3Gb of storage, is this correct? Thanks, Stu.
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